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  1. You don't know if Jesus was alive or wasn't.

    You don't know if there's a heaven or hell.

    You don't know if science is absolutely right.

    You don't know that there is no God.

    You don't know if you are right.

    You dont know.

    You don't, stop pretending you do.

    EDIT: just a little smiley to show you I'm not mad :D
  2. Indeed, sir... Indeed.
  3. If you did know all those things, life wouldnt be very interesting...without the mysteries... :D:
  4. Do you know something I don't know? :confused_2:
  5. I'm Jesus Christ.
  6. i don't know that you're jesus christ. i'm also jesus christ but nobody knows i'm jesus christ.
  7. You don't know if I know, you can merely hypothesise.
  8. You speak with too much certainty, sir. You dont know if I know any of this or not. Or maybe you do, I'm not sure . . .
  9. This, we know. There is no Santa Claus. I mean god.
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    How Do You Know?

    Zhuangzi and Huizi were walking along the dam of the Hao River, when Zhuangzi said, “How the fish come to play! That is how the fish enjoy themselves.”

    Huizi said, “You are not a fish. How do you know what fish enjoy?”

    Zhuangzi replied, “You are not I. How do you know that I do not know what fish enjoy?”

    Huizi said, “I am not you, and granted that I do not fully know you, you certainly are not a fish. That proves that you do not know what fish really enjoy.”

    Zhuangzi replied, “Let us return to your original question. You said to me, 'How do you know what fish enjoy?' So you already knew that I knew it when you asked the question. I know the enjoyment of the fish from my enjoyment of wandering along the Hao River.”


    Not Dead Yet

    The Emperor asked Master Gudo,
    "What happens to a man of enlightenment after death?"
    "How should I know?" replied Gudo.
    "Because you are a master," answered the Emperor.
    "Yes sir," said Gudo, "but not a dead one."
  11. You're right, but the least thing I can do is shove my interpretation down your throat.

    How do you know? :)
  12. Yes I can never be 100 percent positive that modern day science is correct about what happened a few billion years and how we came to be.

    But saying god and Jesus are anything more than simple ideas or stories is beyond loony.

    How can you not read though a religious text and not laugh your ass off at how stupid it is? When people try to tell me god is real I lose any respect I had for that person and after that I will never take that person seriously again. How can anyone think those fairy tales are real? How dumb do you have to be to take a books word over logic and reason?
  13. Know one knows anything.
    We all live by faith if we have any belief.

  14. I know you both can't walk on water:laughing:
  15. You don't know that there is no God.

    You also don't know that there is no flying sphagetti monster who controls the world from his private lair in a dimension that we cannot see him in.

    You also don't know that the earth was created by a living dinasour named Barney.

    We just can't prove that these aren't the answers.......I think we should try to look further into these theories as they cannot be proved wrong. Good idea?
  16. I get what you're trying to say, still a flying sphagetti monster seems a tad more
    unrealistic than higher developed life being able to create life.

    All I'm trying to say is that everything has its explanation, even God, but you have no idea what is true and what isn't.
  17. my toddler daughter knows for a fact that gravity exists
  18. You don't know that I have diarrhea :)

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