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The "Would you bang her?" game!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Heerbalist, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Just like the name says!

    Post a pic of any girl or w.e floats your boat.

    NP states if they would 'bang' the person (or thing:confused_2:) and then post their own.

    *Ladies, not only are you welcome to post but your encouraged! (we all know 50% of women are bi anyways!!) :hello:

    Ill get the ball rolling with the Canadian singer lights. Tats are fucking sexy!

  2. #2 FindingTim, Jun 13, 2012
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    for me, she is an obvious yes.
    Next up, Stifler's Mom :D:

  3. Damn it...wish I had found this earlier,so I could share with the world that I would indeed bang lights.Which I guess I did just share. :D

    Ehhh,Stifflers Mom is alright,definitely not my first pick in cougars/milfs,but sure,I'd pound her out.


    Anne Hathaway :yummy:
  4. Every guy here almost would fuck models and celebrities. Thread needs more average looking girls to be interesting. Otherwise we have another "let's just post pictures of hot girls" thread =(
  5. #6 FindingTim, Jun 13, 2012
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    that's why I posted Stifler's Mom. Some guys want to give her the goods, some don't understand the appeal at all. I think another borderline one would be Dexter's sister (from Dexter). She gets a lot of mixed reviews.

    p.s. should any ladies visit this thread, please know that your soul is what counts, and that the superficiality expressed here is rooted in the purely animalistic brain region ;)
  6. Hell fucking no.

    Uhmm.. Would you fuck this girl

  7. Well I do have a thing for brown girls... but no LOL

    But I feel we should make it a little challenging, like maybe those chicks you cant decide if they're sexy or not and need a second opinion to help 'bang' out the query. Or maybe girls who are a little deceiving.. :smoke:

    Would you bang this 'girl'?


  8. that's not a girl as far as i know. well she is now, but she wasn't always. So with that knowledge, no. Without knowing that? Most likely.
  9. Pretty sure thats a dude. :wave:

  10. Id probably still fuck her/him. I would probably feel pretty confused emotionally afterwards though.
  11. I am confused right now. I didn't know she had a sex change, and when I first saw the pic I thought "holy shit she is hot" and now I'm like "just kidding" :hide:

  12. She looks either disappointed in what u have to offer her or shes about to burst out laughing at it.
  13. I googled "average looking women" and this chick popped up

  14. possibly....

    But did yall know that pic i posted is......katy perry? sans makeup

  15. It's possible everyone has their positions and expressions in which they are not sexy at. Mine is my everyday life expressions.

  16. lol at this thread. i used to play this all the time with friends when we were walking the streets. subbed.. will prolly post pix at some point..
  17. No i wouldnt fuck the giant. But you motherfuckers skipped me on the first page damnit!


    this girl?

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