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The worst gift you GAVE for xmas

Discussion in 'General' started by JakalopeIVXX, Dec 26, 2012.

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    How about the worst gift you gave for xmas.

    Did you get someone a gift you thought they needed only to have insulted them?

    Were you given any WTF expressions when someone opened their gift from you?

    Let's hear some good stories!!
  2. :devious:I'll show you a bad christmas gift:devious:
  3. I gave my neighbour's bratty, spoilt kids a toy with a lot of small parts and assembly required.

    And I gave my hipster cousin who's become a raw food vegan who visits us all once a year (he's too cool for Ireland) a '30 great microwave recipes" cook book
  4. I bought my mum a can of air freshner once, this year it was a vacuum cleaner
  5. A $6 Walmart machete haha. But it was freaking awesome. I'd be psyched to get a machete.
  6. Should have just gotton here an apron, pots, and pans lol
  7. I'm saving all that for her birthday!
  8. I gave a lot of people nothing.

    My dad who I haven't seen since last christmas tossed me a hundred and said, see you next year.
  9. Didnt give anyone anything, im broke.
  10. But you had money for that green stuff tho right ;)
  11. My dads a total refined cat. He's an artist/product designer for multiple chandelier and lighting companies that's got real fine tastes loves to drink expensive wine and live good , so for Christmas (Hanukkah In my families case, but for the sake of the thread Xmas) got him a sixteen ounce can of mickeys.
  12. Hell naw. When i say im broke, im fuckin broke.
  13. the one I didn't actually buy.
  14. I gave out canna capsules by the dozens, and hash chocolates :) Money is very tight, so home-made gifts were the way to go for the most part.

    No one knew how much or what the other patient was getting, so I guess the 'worst' gifts, if they knew about them, were probably the gift bags that contained fewer than eight or ten doses.

    Hmmmm, actually, I do have a gift that counts. I bought a very close friend a band t-shirt from ebay, and they sent the wrong one... it was pretty ugly to be honest, so at least it was funny when he opened it up. :eek:

  15. Don't you just love when complete strangers assume shit and judge you? Must be nice up there.....
  16. I hate the fact I am not on the BKS secret santa list, I've read some of your how to threads and I plan on trying to make several of the ones that don't have coconut oil in them. Thanks for the great pics too!
  17. Wasnt judging. Just a joke since this is a cannabis forum, hence the winking face..
  18. A fake Gucci belt.
  19. That dudes sippin on some haterade, disregard the negative vibes my friend :smoke:

  20. Oh my bad


    Truthfully though, I was just commenting on the general response I see a lot on here where people do that. Wasn't trying to single you out. It's pretty common.

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