The WORST feeling ever...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stoner405, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Don't you hate when like you have a itch on your leg and like you scratch it but its somehow not the right spot and you cant find where it is and your just annoyed?

    Worst feeling ever!
  2. That not as bad as when the bottom of your foot gets a crazy itch when your somewhere that you cant take your shoes off. :D
  3. I know what you mean.

    The other day, I came inside after working in my yard and felt a bug inside of my shorts. I was using the bathroom, #1, and kept swatting at it while I was finishing. It then caught my attention that the bug may actually be a wasp/bee and I freaked out. Sure enough, when I slapped my leg, a little yellow jacket fell out of my shorts onto the floor. I curb stomped him and wondered how it hadn't bit me. I'm sure it would have left one heck of bump.

  4. Damn bro, one time one of my friends and I were walking down the street smoking a J and out of nowhere a fucking scorpion falls out his pants. He flipped out and took his pants off and stomped on them haha. Honestly idk how the fuck it got in there man, it just fell out and he said he didnt feel anything so who knows.:eek:
    I've asked people if they have this, and they look at me like wtf
    usually the itch is on my ballsack and it seems to make it go away, but sometimes when its not i will start freaking out. i hate that feeling
  6. I have really thick skin on my heels, and I get itches under them and there's nothing I can do. Sometimes I just wanna stab myself with a fork.
  7. Same here, it really sucks. I usually use a tooth pick or a fork and stab myself in the foot lol. my skin is kinda thick because I walk barefoot alot. It doesn't really hurt. Might aswell give it a try. Just make sure to clean the area and such
  8. I hate when you have a itch on your leg, scratch it, then you have a itch on your back, scratch it, then you have a itch on your arm, scratch it, then you have a itch... Ect. :mad:
  9. happens inside my ear
  10. The worst is a mosquito bite near the tip of ur finger there impossiable to get... and when you do get them it just hurts and ur like rrawwghghg wtf!
  11. I hate it when a girl bites your dick off during oral

    WORST feeling ever!
  12. got my nuts chopped of, it didn't tickle...
  13. Nope, hasn't happened to me. I always itch my scratches and scratch my itches on target. :metal:
  14. A come down off dope. :|

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