The world will start revolting

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  1. Many protest in Europe. Rioting in the middle east. Protest at all recent G-20 meetings. World War 3 will not be fought between nations, but between the governments of the world against the people. Be ready, either the oligarchs win and we are all slaves. Or we fight. I smell a worldly revolution in the air.
  2. no... I farted, but it smells the same
  3. That was a good one. You got me. I couldn't help from laughing.
  4. Nah man. You're just smoking some really potent weed and taking the current events of the world out of proportion. :smoking:
  5. people have depended on thier gov's to do the right thing,,,,

    but when a whole country goes bankrupt,, and is bropke,,,

    it pisses a lot of people off,,,

    big government will and allways has lived off the backs of the citizen...

    they are the kings and we are the pheasants.

    telling us we are free men,,,, yet we got shackles on our hands and ankles,,,

    the shackles, of so many things being il-legal, how is one to feel free,,,,with so many silly rules in place ?

    people are getting i'll of being told what to do,,, yet gov. does whatever it wants,,, be it justified or not,,,:cool:
  6. Hey just because you lost the civil war doesn't mean you have to be so bitter ;)

  7. thats right!
    fuck all kind of regimes!
    no gods no masters!!

    greece is "revolting" since 2008.
    december 2008 is actually sth ill tell my kids to ..
    like my mum would tell me about the dictatorship fall in the 70s
    and my grandma about the ww2 and the civil war.

    since then every once and a while we have strikes,protests ,riots..
    but who in the government gives a fuck..
    ill tell you ...fucking noone..

    during the summer the country freaking paralyzed from all the strikes..workers even closed down the parthenon and we had police going over there and throwing tear front of the gate of the acropolis..
    and what did they do about it?

    oh right..raised the taxes again..
    and borrowed more money from the IMF..
    and cut down salaries..again.

    the ones who are against them they name them terrorists and arrest them...

    and then people dare to call me an extremist for saying the only solution is burning down the parliament and wiping out some wastes of skin ..

    i dont have any illusions of changing this country..
    in fact im pretty sure nothing much will change..its not just the government..
    its also the european union ,the Imf..and the orthodox church of can i forget these corrupted phonies with all that power...

    but how on earth can i stay static when im being stepped on?
    how on earth am I a threat to "democracy" when this so called democracy is fake?

    In Albania shit hit the fan too..cops shot down 3 men during the riots..

    what most people dont understand is that policemen are picking a side when choosing that job..
    they are picking the side of oppressing corrupted governments..
    they become people's social why would I be sad when one dies?cause he has a family?he should have thought that before doing that job..
    if i get arrested ill have to answer for my actions and choices..
    just because they have power doesnt mean they dont need to answer to noone..
    oh they have to answer too.
    simple as that.

    here a vid i just found while searching for a vid from the albanian protests.
    it shows(very briefly id say) riots around the world in the last 6 months..

    [ame=]YouTube - WORLD WIDE RIOTS - News/Commentary[/ame]

    now this.this makes me smile from the inside.

  8. or.. you're living too far from all this to be affected ..
    cheers :wave:
  9. i agree, and it's time for it to be done. people need to take back their rights and stop being led to the slaughter.
  10. Funny part is, none of you will do anything about it..:wave:
  11. You don't know anything about what anyone on this board will do, so that's a pretty ignorant thing to say. Just because you won't do anything doesn't mean I (or any one of us)won't :wave:

  12. You wont do anything, why do you pretend that you will?

    Crying on the internet counts I suppose, so nice job Che, you're a hero!
  13. lol who's crying on the internet? Op was stating that theres going to be a world revolt, i agreed, i will be a part of it no matter what your opinion is. But thanks for trying, keep being weak-minded and let the government walk all over you.
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    Presumptions are never made here on the politricks forum.

    Back to the topic, technology and its immediacy is only going to shake the beehive more than now as we go forward. Notice the trend of government shutting down communications as a weapon? Their power to do so will likely diminish in time...

    The good news is...these people aren't going nuts because they want to be treated as slaves. It is hard to root against people trying to make the system fair. I just fear that some nations cannot handle the turmoil that follows an overthrow. Gumdrops don't just fall from the sky after a bad/corrupt gov't is overthrown.
  15. That's it, I'm starting a group. We will march on Washington, or Wall Street, or the Federal Reserve. These are the targets we should focus on. Send me a message so we can stay in contact and build this thing. I'm also going to get people on youtube as well. It's time for the American people to take back what is rightfully theirs to begin with.
  16. What are you revolting against again? You just gonna follow the crowd and yell?

    So if somebody doesn't want to take part in an imaginary revolt of the world, that means they're weak minded and let the Govt. walk all over them?
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    you're being a dick man.. you know nothing about her, or the other people on this thread.. you dont know what we do or would do.. so stfu with your "oo your all bitching on the internet isnt doing anything".. but really we are people talking, most revolutionary beliefs begin with people talking about the issues and problems.. if you read her post she knows what she disagrees with, she would revolt against the current govts ways (she doesnt have to carry a gun and fight, only has to carry the belief that the people can rise up and get a more just world), the same govt that well hmm let see takes advantage of us, arrests a large portion of us, makes poor decisions, abuses its power, doesnt really care about the people but more about there personal interests, spends our money like fucking crazy and acts suprised that its all gone, fights dumb wars, has secret agendas, gets involved in shit they have no business being involved with, etc.. you know those reasons and the list goes on.. and yeah ussually people get in a crowd, follow each other, and yell, people listen when your in large numbers, and if she agreed with what they were protesting she would probably follow the crowd and yell.. what do you want her to do, follow the other crowd that sits back and doesnt say anything while letting the govt slowly pick away freedoms..

    imaginary revolt? (you seen our govt approval rating, garuntee you revolution is on peoples minds, everyday i hear people talk shit on our govt, those are ussualy signs that the people are becoming aggravated..tensions build up over time.. ).. and yeah alotta people are weak and just do what they are told and obey "getting walked all over". you know sheeple, the ones who dont question or dont have the balls to speak up..,you gotta stick up for your beliefs.. to be part of a revolt you just gotta let your beliefs be known and that you arent going to take it anymore.

    yeah, im kinda drunk but i think that makes sense. i was just tired of reading your stupid ass posts, ya know..
  18. Revolution starts with talking. Then it slowly spreads.

  19. thats true..revolution starts with revolutionary ideas..
    but when that has already happened you need to take it further..
    words are powerless to people with real power..

    and ranger....
    what the fuck do you do about anything??
    you dont know me..dont know where im coming from dont know what ive done dont know shit.
    and im not being an internet thug or really dont know me..

    so my country being under the Imf has no reason of protesting? and if a revolution happens itll be for imaginary reasons?
    amnesty international published that greek police is corrupted for the most part and violates human rights....
    is that imaginary?am i a narrow-minded fool that imagine things that dont happen now??
    heres the link..and im telling you they wont go into details..if i'd tell you just the things ive seen(not have been told) youd freak out..

    Violations against civilians by police in Greece highlighted in report | Amnesty International

    i bet you got it really well where you're living...consuming, watching tv ,smoking weed,hanging out with friends ,banging that all your life goes around??no ideals at all?

    dude..i am NOT the one following the mass..

    my logic tells me that society shouldnt be like that..
    what i believe in ..i dont consider it sth above me like a god or a fucking way..
    my logic has lead me there..
    logic that tells me that equal chances isnt freedom...i was born here and another one was born in we have the same chances?no.
    so are we *equal*? not really..
    equal means that 1 hour of my life that i devote to work shouldnt value for less or more than the 1 hour you work..
    does my life value more than you?
    in this society some lives value less ,some more..with what kind of stupid logic?

    why stepping on people to be rich?we could all work together as equals and have what we need..we really could..who the fuck said we need millions of money to live?why do you need the huge house?the great car?all the applications of the iphone?designer clothes?meals that cost 200 euros?
    whats up with all that vanity?
    because society tells you so?
    fuck what society tells you..

    why would i need authority to oppress me?not to steal?if we all had the same (and by same i mean a good standard of living )why would i steal?
    why not authority answers to me for a freaking change?who the fuck are they?the freaking pope whos always right?
    (well he isnt OFCOURSE but it was an obvious example to make a point..)
    why let other people decide whats good for me??its my life!i should live it the way i want to..
    i did you no wrong going out of my head like the sex pistols sing..(that was a joke.i doubt if anyone laughed thou..:p)

    dude.. society's "normality" kills me..
    and i dont care if the mass thinks im insane..

    i could on and on about what i believe..for pages..
    but i dont mean to tire you...if you find anything i say logical or fair you can go read for yourself..
    and che..che..i bet all you know about him is what your government says..
    the same propaganda you fell for when the states thought they were fighting for terrorism..ffs..lets leave that alone thou..HUGE conv.

    things could be not saying they will change easily..i dont have illusions..things might not change at all..what id want society to be is way too might never happen...
    that doesnt mean ill stop believing in it.
    that doesnt mean i wont go to a protest to show im against the government's policies..

    in my city(well in every big city in greece there are)there is an occupancy of a former factory .for 6 year now.
    its a known organized occupancy and there are around 40 people living there.
    they organize gigs,shows,speeches and conversations ,generally many events
    at times.
    last night there was this anti-racism gig.
    we went there ,had beers ,smoked weed, danced like nobody is watching.
    noone will judge you there..noone will look at you weird cause youre dressed funny.or have funny hair or smoke weed.
    its absolute freedom for me

    heres a little info about its history..there are mant places like that all over greece.if they get to know you theyll give you a place to stay and you can do it anything you want with your own money of course..
    ive thought many times going living there

    Ιστορικό της κατάληψης :: Yfanet Squat

    the gig happened as a support event for the immigrants who took over athens laws school demanding for their rights.
    immigrants here are prisoned..they cant go back..but the government denies them asylum so they cant work legally ,
    they cant go to another european country to work either cause they deny to legalize them even if the european law says otherwise....
    so they took over law school demanding their rights with a hunger strike.

    the gig was to inform people of the situation and raise money for the occupied factory so the people who live there can maintain it.
    did i change the world?no..
    but still..i support rad things..i support freedom the way i can..

    here's an article for the law school occupation,never mind the political parties jumping in and starting sayin their usual bullshit..mind the people who joined the immigrants on a protest.
    Immigrants end Athens occupation -

    every week there are protests for all kind of things.taxes,imf policies,anti racism.
    the first protest i joined it was organized by my school.i was 16 i think?or 17?i dont remember now which year it was..
    it was for the iraq war and we walked very peacefully 7 miles to the american embassy..
    what the fuck were YOU doing the days Bagdad was bombed?

    what do you want me to do?post pictures of me wearing a mask holding stones or bottles at a riot?are you out of your mind?

    i bet you never smelled tear gas..i bet you never had or will..not that its pleasant and cool...
    but because youll never stand up to anything with that thinking of yours..
    you know anything about the greek riots in december 2008?a whole month greece was on fire.

    but i was there.damn proud of it..never felt more free and powerful..noone can take that back from me no matter how much he'll judge me

    didnt change shit in this country..just some people's minds..not that this is little..its alot actually..

    the world wont change if people dont change themselves first.
    and thats why I wrote all that.maybe Ill change your mind a bit..
    maybe not..

    No masters no gods!
    i cant get how there are people who cant relate to that...i just cant..:confused:

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