the world is at war

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  1. Let this rhyme serve as a wake-up call,
    As A hefty slap in the face of the blind,
    The World is at war, and it's getting worse,
    Pick up a paper and carnage is all you will find…

    They call them terrorists,
    But they are just people fighting Back,
    Against the countries which after 9/11,
    Called a conference then decided to attack…
    Not those responsible for the kamikazi planes,
    But instead, Afganistan and Iraq…

    The rivers of blood that rage wild,
    In Africa and the Middle East,
    Are coming to our shores,
    God has gone, now is the Era of the Beast…

    We are witnessing an escalation,
    Of Killing in the name of liberation,
    The west can pretend it isn't happening,
    But our Way of Life is set to be threatened with cessation…

    Only love can break your heart,
    But nail bombs and bullets break your spine,
    Millions of people want me dead,
    Because of the actions of this democratic government of mine…

    An apocalypse is coming,
    It is something we cannot avoid,
    Any hope of Peace in this century,
    Has been well and truly destroyed…

    By the scheming of warmongers,
    By the greed of the few,
    By the scum who abuse power,
    Whilst saying they are looking after me and you….

    I wish I could be more constructive,
    But I see no solution,
    The white man has gone too far,
    We are well beyond any chance of absolution….

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