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  1. hey guys what i have noticed recently is that when im with my friends they all use the word weed but when im talking to someone who has never smoked and or dislikes weed very much they always use the word pot. have you guys noticed this?
  2. IMO pot and marijuana are derogatory words to describe cannabis
  3. Yes it's very derogatory, we need to take our word back
  4. Yes, my parents always say "pot." Although, if it's a topic of discussion my mother will say "weed." My father won't bother using other words because of his hate for the plant.
  5. My parents always called it pot too, haha. My father HATES weed, but he used to do it a lot, and be addicted to actual drugs too. So Idk lol.
  6. Lol. Stoner wanna-be's callin me up saying, "Do you have any... you know... pot?" No, but I've got some dank-ass skunk. "Oh. What's that??"
  7. I always giggle a little when my mom calls it "pot". She's like "you and your friends are probably out smoking pot!" And I just laughhh

  8. Happens with my momma all the time. No mom, i was just hanging out? :smoking:
  9. I don't really care what you call it as long as you don't call it loud. I laugh when people say it because I find it a weird name.

  11. I fuckin hate that too. One of the only weed terms that pisses me off haha.
  12. Wacky tobacky. [:
  13. I don't like calling it pot. Dank, bud, nugs I prefer. :smoking:
  14. Sticky icky :)
  15. who do you hear the most talking badly about the herb? conservative folks who were teens when the most popular slang words for weed were "pot", "dope", and "grass"
    it's just their time period man

    edit: I didn't mean to make that sound like a fact lol it's just my guess :D
  16. the only term i can't stand is loud... i prefer dank, herb, bud, ganja in that order
  17. i hate using pot. it's always bud, dank, kush, ya know. the basics.
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    I dont even like dank when just referring to weed.

    Dank is descriptive to the quality of the weed. Same with kush, being that not all weed is 'kush'

    weed/bud/herb/trees ... thats about it for me... and 99% of the time its bud/weed

    And 'loud' ... fuck that.

    edit: although I do refer to it as 'Cannabis' when I am speaking to people in any 'official' manner or to my parents (who call it 'pot' b/c they are upper-middle-class white conservatives)
  19. Yeah, fuck loud. People made that old quick. Hell, me and my friend use cactus while at work so they're completely confused.
  20. Pot gives me the image of a dirty weed smoker smoking a grimy joint haha

    Cannabis-connoisseur sounds way cooler :cool:

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