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  1. Me and my mates use it so common in sentences, like 'what's up cunt', 'look at that cunt', 'pass us a beer cunt'. Hell a lot of Aussies use it like that. My mates grandma throws it around more than me haha.

    What i was wondering is do you blades or people you know in other countries use it just as much as aussies, or is it too vulgar?
  2. I live in the USA and it's definitely one of the more offensive words I can think of. Shame, because I like saying it. Cunt.
  3. Here in the states, too vulgar for most. We prefer bitch, for some reason. I've heard people from NZ, UK, and south africa use it like you do (I'm south african haha)
  4. Yeah a lot of people round here reserve it for when they really want to offend someone.

    I don't really have a problem using it though.
  5. My buddy hates it for some reason.

    A word only.has the power you give it
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    When I first arrived in Australia, at 1am after a 30 hour flight and trip, I was meeting the guys from the canna forum I used to work for, in person, for the very first time...

    And on the drive home from the airport, they were excitedly yelling the c-word this, and the c-word that.... I honestly was a little concerned, and I remember wondering to myself, "Oh my god... who have I got myself involved with." :eek:


    Long story short, they were LOVELY people, and it just took me a few days to realize that it was just a slang term, that meant little more than saying... I don't know, bastard, or sh*t, in the US. Over in America, in most circles, it's just not something spoken out loud unless you're really trying to hurt, or offend an entire room full of people, and anyone else within earshot.

    I noticed that there aren't many words that make people react, in Australia, like the c-word makes people react in the States. In your culture, you guys have really taken the venom out of the English language. In ways that can startle some of us softer-spoken yanks :p
  7. We change it to kent for public use ;-)
  8. Yeah I think it's just an American thing where it's really offensive and normally just American women. I hear a lot of European girls throw it around in normal conversation.
  9. I use it no problem but its the only word my mum yells at us for using even though we're all old and out of the house haha
  10. Such a vulgar word, I refrain from using it.
  11. A lot of people in Australia use the word often,it's very normal here. Me and all my mates often say it in casual sentences, in fact I think I say it more than fuck. Even girls say it over here haha.

  12. I like this cunt.

  13. haha yeah, so many people use it. Shit if i went over there I'd probably offend so many people by accident hahaha.
  14. in the US, cunt is the word we use when "bitch" just isn't enough.
  15. I think it's used less here in the states however it's my 77 yr old mother's favorite word. I remember her using it when I was a young teenager too. She's a nut tho.
  16. we use it heaps in nz
  17. Son of a biscuit eater! Are you farking serious?

    That's hilarious.
  18. we say it all the time in Mass cuz it's basically little england when it comes to swearing over here.
  19. I don't use it heaps, even though I'm Australian. Nor do I have friends that use it a whole lot. I don't not say it by choice neither my mates. But I wouldn't at all be offended if someone said cunt.

    If someone called me a cunt offensively, I'd be pissed though. As pissed as if someone called me a fuckhead though.

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  20. It's definitely an Aussie thing. I refrained from using that word back home in the UK, but down here... ain't no thang.

    I don't think anybody swears better than the Aussies.
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