The Woes of Sobriety

Discussion in 'General' started by Cork, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. 'Man, I knew it would be hard, but never this hard.'

    How many times do you hear people say that? I know I have heard that phrase millions of times. And I never thought I would be saying it. Well shit, I have come to that myself.

    This tollerance break/quiting cig thing is rediculusly hard. I am bored out of my mind. Before if I was out of weed, I would chain smoke. If I was out of cigs, I would just smoke alot of weed, like I always do. But I would still have something to do.

    I enjoy smoking. Its a peacefull pastime to me. And I am talking about cigs and weed. It is just enjoyable to move the smoke around. To watch something go from whole to nothing in a matter of minutes. But now with none of that I sit here, with no school work to do (I finished it) and I am just bored. I am doing the same thing as this past weekend, but without the weed and boy is there a difference.

    Its funny, I think I am the only person who can honestly say I was not really addicted to cigs. I did enjoy how they made me feel, but I wasn't unhappy without them. But being without cigs AND weed is torture. I get bored easily. I have some ADHD that I stopped treatment on. So now everything is boring and depressing. Sitting here watching tv and chilling on the forums is just sooooooooo bland to me. I miss the depth of life weed gave me. And I know if I had one or the other right now I would be ok. But being without both sucks. I hope this passes in time, because I don't know if I have the will power.

    Sorry guys, I just need to vent and right now this is the only people/place that would understand.
  2. Find something cool to do... Work out, run, play music, listen to music, go get girls, play sports... Just something else to do to spend your time and take your mind off smoking.
  3. as i like to say in all these threads, potheads are the biggest addicts of them all
  4. i agree, but because it is so tame with its negative side and the fact that we still are normally able to maintain our lives

    and dude, quitting cigs is hard, i mean, your lucky that addiction didnt catch on a pack a day, and i feel the impact its had on my health :(
  5. I haven't had money for pot in nearly two weeks, and I've been smoking every day for at least a year.. so i'm just getting drunk by myself it's better than being sober haha
  6. besides athletics, i did everything else high. so listening to music isn't the same sober. or atleast not the same music. im usually high meeting girls and most girls i meet smoke so thats hard sober as well.

    but today was day one, tommorow i get back to my power lifting schedule i abandoned at the beginning of the summer. maybe that will make things better.

    its all good. i will be fine. i can deal with no weed. im just bored. the cigs arnt a problem. but usually when i had no weed id smoke cigs to give me something to do. so now im REALLY bored. but its all good. i dont crave it. i just crave being entertained. so i need to find something else. plus i have class the next three days so the next three days should be busy.

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