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The wind chimes on Dark Side of the Moon always scare me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I'm not even sure which track, but it comes after this silence.....and then it's loud as fuck.

    I have this shit on vinyl. The music comes from speakers, and not next to my skull, so the not-so-far distance does something to my brain or some shit, so the music just kind of weaves its way into the very fabric of existence, like it's supposed to be. Like, an absolute permanent of a person's life. And then it all gets hauled off a gorge by a T-Rex wearing a laser gun backpack.



    Any body ever see Cabin in the Woods? I just did recently. It's awesome to have a stoner be an intelligent yet humorous person in a horror film. Positive portrayals of stoners is always a good thing.

    Shit, I had an actual question to ask, but I think I went on a tangent, typed what I'm thinking as I am thinking it, and now I forgot.

    I think it was something about fuck, I just forgot what I was thinking while thinking it.
  2. Good thread, +rep
  3. I want what youre on
  4. dafuq did i just read? I thought this was like a sciency thread.
  5. Yeah man last night I was listening to Dark Side completely stoned on my record player and some of the sound effects sounded like they were in my room. Trippy stuff.
  6. OP how fucking high are you, dude? LOL

    I don't think there are wind chimes on DSOTM, you may be referring to the alarm clocks ringing at the start of Time.

    Yea man. I know what you mean about that. Listening to those alarms ringing can make you jump if you're not careful. The Floyd certainly knew how to make an audioscape.

    Haha not too sure about the rest of your post. Maybe you should cut back on the mind-altering substances, man! JK :)
  7. It's the song "time" dude, it always freaks the shit out of me too when the chimes come in really loud hahaha
  8. My sanity hurts after reading this thread...
  9. I think that the making of dark side is on netflix I watched it....they talk about how the great gig in the shy was recorded in one track.............that means all the effects you here were preformed....they just didnt hit enter on the a mac and let it play out there were guys standing there hit the effects as the song prgressed.

    lots of work
  10. the bells startle me as well, everytime

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