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  2. Should seek out local affiliates involved in political reform specifically directed at cannabis reform. You will surely meet fellow advocates that would endorse your lifestyle and possibly affect the legalization in your state.

    Beyond that, lots of people have micro grows that are undetectable. I know of several GC members that live in Texas as well.

    As far as smell, I use a big carbon filter, and my neiborhood block smells like weed. You walk up to my door and it smells like weed. Weed is stinky bro. Some strains not so much. You need to find those ones I suppose.
  3. Why get your wife involved ,,, so she can be found guilty to if you do get busted ?
    Does Texas CFS come in and take the kids if you get caught ?

    One plant ,,, whats the fine from one plant to ten plants ...
    Fuck it If your going to break the law and the penalties are the same for one plant to five plants my as well grow five ..

    One plant isn't worth the hassle if you get nailed .
    Hundred plants are not worth it if they take your kids ..
    Thousand plants are not worth it if the CPS agent that takes your kids turns out that he or she molests one of them .or the people that your kids goes to beats one of your kids ..

    What ever you do it better be worth it and not effect your wife and kids ………...
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  4. Don't exactly get where you're going with that. But thanks for nothing? You probably shouldn't smoke because it's illegal on a federal level. And I can only grow in my closet so therefore she would know.

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  5. Least I got weed and don't have to worry about getting busted .
    Your the person wanting to grow illegal and risk what ever the law wishes to treat you and your family if you get busted ..
  6. Sounds selfish.

    she doesn't want any part of growing or you growing. but your going to bring it into your house and involve her/the kids anyway? and she doesn't even smoke?

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  7. He couldn't handle the truth and deleted his post ...
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  8. More like I have no need to argue with someone on the internet. I didnt bring it into my house anyways. I was just asking for pointers. I deleted the post because I obviously posted this in the wrong forum.

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