The White House Is Shutting Down Its Petition Site to Save You 0.4 Cents a Year

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    First launched in 2011 under then-President Obama, We The People pledged to provide a White House response to any petition which garnered 100,000 or more signatures within 30 days. The 200+ petitions that have received an official response have largely been unremarkable, leading to revelations like the White House’s official beer recipe or condemnations (in word only) of groups like the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Why would they do it?

    So maybe the site didn't do anything remarkable, but it promoted some sense of transparency, honesty and openness.
    This administration's two biggest fears it seems.

    It was fun to sign albeit silly petitions, but know that they have to be officially reviewed.

    According to The New York Times, 17 petitions have reached the 100,000-signature mark since Trump took office, including a request for the president to release his tax returns and two petitions to maintain funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. None have received a response from the White House.

    Ah, that explains it.
  2. speaking of showing up with a negative article in hand! right on cue dude.
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  3. Trump is going to save us a lot more then that rinky dinky shit Obama offered us lol
    What does he need that little.9c a year for?

    What is your point with this article?
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  4. Watch your pennies and the dollars take care of themselves.
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  5. Okay? So what? Every time a meaningful petition passed during the Obama era, such as marijuana legalization, the White House just gave some bullshit response about how they're not gonna listen to the People and just do whatever the hell they want anyways. I mean did you actually look at that site regularly when it was running? I did and it was a joke. It was a waste of money even back then.

    We still have the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances, and doing it on a platform that is now controlled by the Trump administration sounds retarded.
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  6. Yeah I remember there were a few petitions that made the 100k signature requirement and Obama was just like "Gee I didn't think you'd actually get that many signatures". I can't even blame him, policy shouldn't be determined by an online petition. 100k are for it, what about the rest of America? For all we know everyone else is against the proposal.
  7. the petitions should be to congress if anything. Thats kind of how the whole thing is supposed to work right? The congress makes the laws, the president signs them into action? I understand they could use a presidential order, but that doesn't make a law, that is only temporary.
    oh exists! hah, look at that ( Petition2Congress Action Center )
  8. 100k signature threshold for a country that has 323 million citizens. That’s .031% of the total population.

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