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The where the f**k is my lighter thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by winnipegtoker, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Soo I'm hot boxin my closet and I'm rippin my new pipe and it wasn't quit cashed so I put it down to chill then 5 minutes later I want to cash it then where the Mother is my lighter
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    Story of my life man

    One time im havin a sick sesh in my hot tub all alone, bob markey tunes playin, an iced tea... Take a pretty big hit from my bong and i was pretty sure i heard my mom say get inaide right now!! When i went in i realized that i had tricked myself... Got some munchies and head nack outside, grab my bong, pack a fresh bowl, cant find my lighter.... Look down and its in the hot tub :( ended up using a bbq torch lighter :D
  3. If you have a look on ebay you can find a pack of about 50 disposable lighters for something like £5 ($10ish). I bought a pack two months ago, whenever I need a lighter I just open my drawer and take one out :)
  4. lol i lose way to many lighters
  5. objects have been known to simply vanish as well as ppl. most the time its something we wont notice like a feather, pebble, a earing, but sometimes it can be things we do your lighter.. quite an interesting phenomenon really.
  6. I have a big ass box from Sams Club, paid like $25 for 100 bic lighters.

    I have about 80 left, took out all the ghosties and sold 'em to people for a dollar a pop.
  7. I always put my lighter back in my people can do dumb shit like lose them I dont know - your pockets are there for a reason people!!! Leave one in there at all times!!!
  8. invest in the herb iron. I never have that problem anymore. no more searching for lighters i got my nice green herbiron on a cord so ill never loose it.

    I got a 20ft extension cord so i can go all around the house with it lol
  9. with me i will go a week without losing one lighter, then i will lose like three in one night
  10. I bought a 5-pack of cheap lighters a week ago, I have one left.

    Where the fuck are my lighters? :p
  11. I lost all of my lighters at one point, looked in my girlfriends nightstand and there's 15 of them in there.
  12. Probably in one of my friend's greeedy pockets.......why can't people learn to stop jacking my lighters?!
  13. I agree with sith.
    i fucking hate it when im smoking with a group of people and they always end up jacking my lighters. so fucking stupid!
  14. Oh, you don't know the trick? just buy the gayest lighter you can find and you'll have it for a life time. i had a pink bic one for a like 3 months
  15. #15 Grimreefer623, Aug 2, 2011
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    just got my free sample of humboldt wick. pretty awesome stuff. so much tastier than butane!
    wow i just realized that sounded like an advertisement lmao.
    but seriously maybe i wont lose this like i do my lighter all the damn time.
  16. I actually just used up an entire lighter last week... I was so proud that it ran out of fluid before I lost it. But the next day I bought a new one thinking "I'm mature now, I won't lose this". Lost it within an hour of buying it....

    Where the fuck is my lighter?

  17. Dude I totally want a pink pic.
    And my lighter is the rasta flag. Had it for about a week now. :hello:
  18. Just wrap it in electrical tape or something. Whenever I smoke with random people, I conveniently "don't" have a lighter handy, so it keeps the losses down.
  19. just write "i love cocks." on your lighter. no one is going to steal a lighter, with "i love cocks" written on it... except ryan seacrest.

  20. You forgot about Justin Bieber.

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