The "What did you do today" thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Benficachop, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Today I woke up around 12 , took some bong rips, ate some delicious muchies. Then i got bored and took my new camera and my car down to the beach (which was cold as fuck) and do a little photo shoot. I came home and chilled til i had class at 5, which I took some more bong rips before I went. So now I sit here.

    So what did you guys(and girls) do today?:poke:
  2. today i slept, went to class, came home, went to the bank (for nothing, apparently), and then i just chilled, i guess.

    it was a bad day.
  3. Skipped school. (College)
    Changed my bass head and tuned my snare.
    Had band practice.
    Ate constantly throughout the day.
    And just took out the center back seam on a pair of pants to take them in, only to realize I don't know what the hell I'm doing...
  4. woke up late, caught the late bus which i found out is actually legit for getting to school on time, didn't have time to blaze before class so i was hittin my bowl on the walk down the (pretty busy) street. i thought it would be straight but then a cop went past me and i was geekin i started hittin the piece again when it goes past and i look to my left and there are 3 cops hasseling this dude in a car and im just hittin a piece so i dipped to the stop, smoked more when i got off inside the bus shelter, went to classes high as fuck, smoked more, jumped on the bus again, came home and kinda shot the shit
  5. Breakfast, a few classes, composed, made dinner, chillin/smoking etc..

    not bad for a monday.
  6. woke up
    class (9-2:45)
    went home
    did some reading
    edited my essay for my moral issues class, due on wednesday.
    went to go buy in n' out.
    had an intellectual chat with my brother
    smoked a bowl
    now im here. :confused:

    same shit, different day.

    fuck, i have work tomorrow. :(
  7. all right, finally one of these threads, seemed like something was missing but here it is.

    i shroomed for the first time today, and it was fucking great.

    that's all i have to say.
  8. I woke up around 9:30am... Took a shower, lifted some weights, ate a ham and cheese sandwhich. Watched the Bernie Mac show, King of the Hill, that 70's show. Looked at a few things online, ate dinner (chicken nuggets and baked potato), started drinking, watched more King of the Hill and My Name is Earl, checked this site and made this reply...
  9. Went to bed around 3:00 a.m.; woke up at 6:35 a.m.; took a shower; went to school; got home from school around 3:00 p.m.; watched Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job in my basement; laid in bed, and fell asleep till 10:00 p.m.
  10. wake up
    worked out
    drinking. Been like this for like more than 2 years. Getting kinda of old but its whatever.
  11. slept too late for school.
    had a bowl before i left.
    ditched school a couple hours early.
    came home, smoked bongs and chilled on the comp.
    thats pretty all for now, its only 5:22PM.
  12. Got off work at 6 am.
    Went to sleep at 7
    Woke up at 10
    Went to class from 12-2 pm
    *had amazing luck from 2-4*
    Had a pop quiz in my class at 4:30. Stepped on a piece of glass with my broken foot. It wasn't supposed to rain today, but it was pouring when I got out of choir, so I had to run home in the rain, and since I was wearing flip-flops I had to take them off and walk on my freshly wounded foot, because they were too slippery to walk on.

    Then I noticed that my favorite piercing is rejecting. Grrr. A rollercoaster of a day.
  13. got like 3 hours of sleep last night.
    overslept, late for class so i smoked a nice bowl on the way.
    called work and told them i wasnt coming in today.
    only had one class early so i
    went back home smoked some more,
    played drums and then studied
    went all the fuckin way back to school at 430 to take that bitch ass test then did some more school shit.
    went to my freinds apartment and we went and ate some food that these hot chicks made us, and skated the parking garage for about an hour
    came back home now i just smoked and im watching adult swim right now

    so my day went from crappy to sweet:smoking:
  14. no work, so i just smoked bud, popped xanax, watched tv, and surfed gc all day
  15. Woke up at 730.
    Went to school, skipped a class because I was really late anyway.
    Went to work at the campus newspaper.
    Went to the gym.
    Came back home, doing some reading and eating.
    Now I'm tired as fuck bout ready to go to bed.

  16. Erm woke up, went to a friends house.. smoked and played destroy all humans.
    Went to the movies/shopping to see the Unborn.
    Went to the park, just to chill and smoked a joint behind the woods.
    Btw - today i saw some guy when i was riding in my car, he was all up in his nose and then wiped it on his dashboard. Me and my friend were like wtf. lol

  17. Woke up at 11:30

    Looked at phone and listened to a voicemail left by my school's PD saying to call them back.

    Call back at 12:00. No answer.

    Call again at 12:15. Investigator is still out.

    Studied for my risk management test from 12:30 til 2:00

    Went to class from 2:30 to 6:30

    Tried once again to reach answer.

    Got cheap Chick Fil A with my buddy

    Smoked a blunt

    TV/Internet the rest of the night

    The whole cop calling me thing is worrying me a little bit. A voicemail was left saying "Hello (my name), this is (investigator/detective) from the *** PD, please give me a call back at (phone number).

    It is my school's PD so I'm not sure what to think. I searched the cops name and saw that they had busted a kid growing on an off campus house and that wigged me out a bit even though I have nothing. I never ran into the law this weekend and am really confused. Only time I have dealt with them is my freshman year when I got underage possession.

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