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The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Seen Or Done While High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by christian, May 26, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I woke up knowing that i was going to have a smoke with a few of my good mates and 2 new girls that attend my university. Now i thought that the day would be a usual fun day on marijuana not even stopping to think that anything would be out of the usual weirdness. However it occured to me that i often see weird things that would just be forgotten if one does not post on a weed smokers website blog page. I am writing this to inform readers and ask you all to share with me and anyone else the amazingly strange things you've seen while experiencing the illicit smile of weed.
    Anyway, my friend who has smoked only a few times had a very weird mental side effect that i thought was very cool. My other friends who smoke quite often also thought that it was quite out of the ordinary to see too. After this person had half a cone, she started to have a weird reaction where she thought that every single movement she did or said made her look weird. Now at first i thought that its because they might have been uncomfortable at my house smoking weed with their uni friends but it also occured to me that going through that feeling would be one of the weirdest things to experience. Being completely conscious of everything you're doing but just thinking to youself that you look or feel like you're acting very weird. Now i thought that trying to turn it into something that we could all laugh about could make it work but i think she started to freak out a little bit. Watching someone who thinks that every single action they take makes them look (quote) 'retarted' is quite funny to watch and is one of the strangest side effects (mentally) that i've ever come across.

    And i totally agree....i think it was just a weird case of paranoia i rekon...a bad case of it!!
  3. I had a conversation with a man who had been pacing for 3 hours in the lobby at an Animal Collective concert. He told me he had over 8 invisible psychedelic drugs in his system and that a bomb would explode in his brain shortly.
  4. Yesterday I was my friends house and it was about 6 of us hitting these 2 very amazing bongs and he has geese and chickens walking around in his backyard which was where we were blazing at in his little shed back there and I see one of the geese that are walking and it starts moving it's neck very weird like contorting it and stuff and then before that all the geese were walking together and they would pause at random times and all just stand there still and look around without moving it was weird indeed
  5. The other night me and some friends had just finished smoking and were on our way to Taco Bell for some late night dinner. We get through the drive through and of course, despite being 11:00 something at night on a weekday we get stuck behind a car filled with what we guessed were friends of the people working the night crew, who were all female, and began bullshitting away.

    Now im a pretty patient person but when your high waiting for girls to quit talking so you can get some tacos time will slow to an eterrrrrrrrnity. Then suddenly i hear from a friend in the backseat ''I bet were being punk'd right now, any second Ashton Kutcher is going to come out of nowhere with a crew of cameramen''.

    I almost pissed myself laughing.
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    Re: 'SmokinBluntz'
    A similar thing also happened to me the other day with one of my cats. it just looked very weird sitting on the edge of my veranda staring into the bush. i thought i had been staring at my cat for what seemed like hours and it looked as if it was frozen only able to move its eyes. i thought to myself what it could have been thinking as it aimlessly focused on little stems of grass in my backyard as its eyes darted from each bland strand of grass.
    i also hoped that it wasn't coz i had got my cat stoned since apparently it stays stoned for the rest of its life but that can be saved for a different thread.
  7. I understand that weird/akwardness thing. Sumtimes it just makes me not wanna talk, feels like evrybdy is just lookin at me like an idiot.

    Weirdest thing I done... I was so happy/high I did a cartwheel...
  8. i was smoking on my buddies front porch infront of a bike path and saw a guy wearing spandex, singing and dancing fuckin while rollerblading. it was the funniest thing ive seen. im crackin up right now typing this.:smoking::smoking:
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    A few years back me and a few friends walked to another friends to buy some tree, We ended up smoking most of it there, on the way back to my house I seen these two gangsta looking guys walking on the other side of the road. When they were closer to us they started singing "where is the bud". When they were across from us one of them said "I'll give you $300 if you can get some weed", A couple of us said "what" and one of my friends said "we smoked it all!". They started walking toward us, when they got closer one said "Were not from around here, we'll give you some money if you can get some weed". They were acting kind of shady so I didn't pull any out. We said we might be able to get some. I don't remember what all they said, but the bigger one pointed at one of my friends and said "I can tell you're high" Then pointed at me and said the same. Then he pulls up his glasses, with his eyes squinted and said "So am I".
    Easy to tell he wasn't. Then they started, well, what I would call preaching, about weed. "Everybody smokes weed, your parents, the president, who doesn't?" and some more random shit, I forget now. Then halfway through the preaching I said, "You guys ready to go?" and we all pretty much just walked away from them.

    It was really weird, first thing I thought was cops, but after looking back on it they could have just been fucking with us, I don't know. I remember saying right when we left, "Damn that felt like it was right out of a movie" I don't know why but it did.

    Oh yeah, they looked like Rob and Big, Little skinny white guy and a big black guy. That was the first thing I thought when I seen them. We still talk about "Rob and Big" to this day.
  10. I was smoking in my garage once, And I was listening to some music, And I remember that every little move I made, was amplified, and I felt like I was in some really intense action movie...
    It was the best. Only happened that once though..
  11. This will seem weird to most people. I wrote this in another thread; applies here as well.

    My friends and I found a whole bunch of scrap metal, and we thought it was aluminum. We went to turn that shit in to get some money, and it turns out it was all steel. Completely worthless. Angry and stoned, we took hammers to the steel and turned them all into various weapons. Swords, shields, etc. Used duct tape for the handles. Long swords, short swords, and we even had this giant knotted wooden stick, known as the ogres log. It soon became a ritual to smoke a bunch of weed, then go outside to "do battle". The rules are to try and strike your opponents chest, and it's one hit kill. Other than aiming for the chest, you're only allowed to strike your opponents weapon.

    There were battles so intense that sparks were literally flying off the weapons when they struck each other. So yeah. Watching people battle intensely was pretty weird. Lots of fun too.
  12. Another weird thing my friends and did whilst high:

    We dug a huge fire pit in my friend's backyard, and made a fire. Once it was going, we put one of those wooden palettes on top of it that you normally see at costco, construction sites, etc.

    Then we all stood on top of this wooden palette while it slowly began to burn to see who would be the last left standing.

    Good times.
  13. uhh...
    could nobody fall through and get burned???

    And the WEIRDest thing i've seen is when I was at the river with some friends and we were toking in his car... and then some guy pulls up near us in the near-empty parking lot.
    we look over at him and he's wearing some funeral veil... Everything below his chin and above his forehead and behind his ears is covered with the head covering or w/e and is solid black.
    Then he had the veil part in front of his face or w/e.
    It was fucking scary
    He was wearing NORMAL clothes (you cuold tell) below that (below meaning chest legs blahblah). he looked like a serial killer
    and he actually looked like he was wearing a black spartan helmet as well... just depended on his angle.
    it was weird/tight/whatever.

  14. ROFLMAO. me and my homie got really stoned and did the except same thing... xcept we were ROb n Big.

    Wheeeree is tha buddd where is tha buddd

  15. It was pretty sturdy, and we all had shoes on. And yeah, we all risked getting burned. That was the fun of it.

  16. i'm confused.
    so by the last one standing, you mean the people before fell through it? and then what? jumped out of it in time or what?

  17. Sorry for being vague. Basically, the palette started burning and if people though there was too much fire, they jumped off.

    I don't know. It's not like we really thought it through or anything. Threw a palette on the fire as more fire wood. Someone stood on it before it started catching fire. Others joined him, including myself.

    we were high.

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