The weirdest/Most exotic food You've eaten

Discussion in 'General' started by 805toda520, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. cow tongue
  2. i had swordfish b4 thats it, i think i had ants.
  3. im mex too so i didn't put those down.You can also have exotic food that was not an animal ya know?I've had shark and squid but i think all seafood is weird but its more common than other weird food.Panda and bald eagle like Dave chappelle BALLIN! HAHA
  4. We are animals. Hairless primates. We just happened to develop higher brain functions.

    Don't tell me you're a creationist too.
  5. anyone had a tequila worm? :D
  6. Why would you mention that and then try to top it off with happy smilies...creepy.
  7. i know people who have eaten dog soup..:( it's just people's culture and you can't really force them to change.
  8. Swallowed a live goldfish at a FishBowl Party.
    I've eaten prepared: rabbit, fois gras, ostrich, bison, alligator (on a stick), dry cat food.
  9. no such thing.

    mescal has the worm.
  10. When I was little I would eat ants all the time. Tried a lady bug once, they taste like ear wax, and I'm a big fan of the nose gold.
  11. Cow Heart!! no joke tho i have eaten cow heart on my trip to peru, i went to the amazon too which was badass.
  12. this isnt in the right section, READ THE GODDAMN RULES!
  13. I think I can beat EVERYONE when I say the weirdest thing I've eaten was: LLAMA.

    Yep, out in Bolivia that is a delicacy. The weed in Bolivia is also the cheapest shit you can ever imagine. I bought a HUGE handful (one oz. or more) for 80 Bolivianos which is about 10 US dollars :D.

    Oh, I've eaten alligator, al paca, octopus and many other weird things as well.
  14. Rabbit or alligator I guess. I'll try anything, just not a lot of cool oppurtunities yet.
  15. Ive had scorpion,sea cucumber, jelly fish, snake, frog legs, turtle, gizzards, duck kidney and i accidentally ate ants before too
  16. you guys must be clueless. the op posted a thread about how he fucked his cousin this one time lmao.
  17. cant really call it exotic but enough people havent tried it/dont want to, that i consider it mildy exotic...


    best thing ever 'invented'

    what kinda lazy ass ever thought to not cook fish but eat it anyway.

    whoever done it: props.
  18. Cow tongue is one of my favorite foods. Cow brains are not half-bad. Menudo (Tripe? idk what u english folk call it, the cows stomach lining) is good ass hell, although i've only had it in the spice soup.

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