The weirdest/Most exotic food You've eaten

Discussion in 'General' started by 805toda520, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I've eaten chocolate covered ants, snails, frog legs-they really do taste like chicken-and unknowingly dog one time in Nogales:-O.What about you guys?And i was high for all of these
  2. id have to say. . .

    the flavor of my cousins vagina.


  3. gator, moose, caribou, squirrel, copperhead.

  4. wow, that is some inbred fucked up nasty type of shit.......
  5. Oh yeah i tried copper head one time when i was like five.I didnt dig it though.snakes creep me out
  6. elephant/lion/tiger/bear/aligator/shark/turtle/owl/squid/bear/kangaroo/

    thats just what i remember,
  7. ^^ turtle is great.

    legs are dark meat,

    white meat under the shell.


  8. damn didnt know i put bear in twice lol.

    i ate ll of these meats in the same day too! it was crazy, there was some kind of BIG dinner at my dads moose club or what ever the fuck it was called, and it was a wild game feast, i went with him it was the shit.

    there was ANY animal you could think of, i mean everything,
  9. Live baby octapus. The head popped when I chomped down. Brains=gross.
  10. Chicken heart on a skewer. Surprisingly extremely delicious.

    Chicken gizzards are great as well.
  11. did they have bald eagle and panda????

    yummmmmmm panda
  12. I've had escargo, which was surprisingly good!

    That's about it though.
  13. Candy with crickets and scorpions.
  14. is this Rec Mary J Use??????

    I dont eat things that you have to murder in order to digest.
  15. I ate a lot of weird shit when I traveled in Vietnam. I couldn't tell you what it all was though.

    What's weird to one person, is an everyday snack to another :)
  16. You're a vegan? Have fun with those nutritional deficiencies that go along with it.
  17. yea, cuz see,

    its ok to kill these living organisms (read: plants) for sustenance,

    but its not ok to kill these living organisms (read: animals) for sustenance.

    doesnt that make perfect sense?
  18. And it's also okay for animals to kill each other...but we shouldn't? I don't get it either.
  19. No, and No.

    how often you compare yourself to the animals?
  20. well Im mexican so we always eat pretty much everything off the animal so ive eaten my fair share of cabeza, lengua, and tripas tacos n such. That always trips my friends out. But ive also tried escargo, and ox tail soup. Thats about the extent of my exotic/weird food experiences.

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