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the weight of a nugget went down

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by enjoyandlive, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. pretty new to to cannabis.. I had a 0.8 gram nugget. grind grind grind it up. then measured. didnt even read 0.1, it read 0.0. what the hell? My scale works fine i am not sure what happened. has this occured to anyone else or am i just such a newb this is normal
  2. Make sure you "tear" the scale before measuring. If you did when you put the nut in the grinder did you remove the stem? Cheap weed has big thick steams sometimes that add a lot to the weight.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  3. yes i removed the stem from it before breaking it up and putting it in the grinder. the stem was about 1/5 of the nugs size
  4. You must have gotten Mongolian stem-bud. Its notorious for turning into .00 grams after grinding.
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    seems odd..... what does it look like? i cant find a photo
  6. [quote name="enjoyandlive" post="19411918" timestamp="1390776448"]seems odd..... what does it look like? i cant find a photo[/quote]That's the thing, no ones ever seen it. the marijuana in Mongolia has such big stems that the bud on it is useless.Sent from my XT1080 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. yup knew it was a troll. can i get another good response besides xane..
  8. How precise/accurate is your scale?
    I can see ground bud weighing less than a whole bud, but it sounds like your scale is temperamental.
    As long as you have ground bud to smoke, who cares what it weighs after grinding? 
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    ^^ What does it matter how much it weighs after you've ground it up? A 0.8 gram nug will produce 0.8 gram's of ground weed. You have 0.8 gram's of ground weed, smoke it! :smoke:
  10. [quote name="enjoyandlive" post="19411969" timestamp="1390777063"]yup knew it was a troll. can i get another good response besides xane..[/quote]Lol sorry man but my scale does this when I put a small amount, all I do is press the scale down with my finger then it usually registersSent from my XT1080 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Sounds like the scale may have been damaged. Try weighing something such as a paper clip which generally weigh a gram, and you'll know if it's the scale or the weed.

    Good luck.
  12. your grinder smoked all the weed. case closed. 
  13. hahahaa yeah true it doesnt matter its just real odd i dont know why it does it.
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 could it possibly weigh less?  Where is that mass going?  Is it just become annihilated, never to exist again?
    The law of conservation of mass people...this concept is over 200 years old...Check it out.
  15. Weigh it in a thing. Sometimes It's really hard to get an accurate weight on something light weight that's been ground like that. Especially if you have a cheap scale.
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    Actually it could weigh a little less over time.
    As the lighter organics slowly evaporate, the bud will weigh less. Not annihilated, evaporated. some bud has a lot of terpenoids. Remember, the aroma is ftom the terpenoids (thc is odorless), so the more fragrant it is, the more terpenoids, and the more weight loss over time. It wouldnt weigh zero, but could weigh a little less.
  17. it must of been magic
    While what you said may be partially true, the point that I made was in reference to OP weighing his weed and then grinding it up and weighing it, which is an insignificant amount of time.
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    how fast did you drop it on the scale?
    some digital scales have a feature that try to cancel out bumps and vibration by not counting small changes in weight.
    for instance, if you add anything under 0.1, it wont register, even if you add more than .1 to that.  so .8 added a bit at a time will read 0, but dumped on all at once it'd read .8
  20. Using a scale for less than a gram is ridiculous.

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