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the weed in scotland

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FriedFriend, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. It really depends where you're going. Where I stay you can get some pretty decent stuff for £10-£12.50 a gram. You might be looking at £35 a half Q, but depends where you are.

    Let me know where you're off to and I could probably help more.
  2. well...there was a fricken potato famine in the 1930s...idk if the soil is good nuff to grow the danks yet
  3. *1840. The stuff here does what you want it to if you make sure you're smart about it. Don't buy anything you wouldn't buy at home. Same rules apply everywhere.

  4. You know... Growing on Earth's soil isn't the only way to do it. Most people have to buy mediums(soil).

  5. That was in Ireland.
  6. ah shit...idk then
  7. I've never actually smoke weed from Scotland, but I do have some good friends that live there and say that it's nothing compared to American bud. Calvin (one of the guys who lives there), has came to the states a couple of times and toked what he said was the "...greatest bud I've ever smoked man....". This doesn't really relate to your question, but it may be of advice. Lulz
  8. christ that is so expensive. I'm guessing its not that dank then. and scarce.

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