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    Does any one know if there is two petitions on the we the people site? For those who don't know what that is. We the people is the site you as a citizen can petitition the US governement to reform the laws regarding medical use here in the US. It would save us tax payers millions by not prosecuting meical marijuanna patients alone..

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  2. "Does any one know if there is two petitions on the we the people site?"

    What the hell does that mean?

    That site is bullshit by the way. There already have been petitions. And they received bullshit answers. They don't care.
  3. Ha - that site has proven to be a joke...when it first came to be, there was a petition for marijuana to be regulated like alcohol. It exploded, to say the least. It was the number 1 petition on the site, and got well over 75,000 signatures, causing the threshold to rise. I had high hopes for the response, because I really wasn't expecting legalization to be the #1 issue.

    Well, the response turned out to be quite a fucking joke. It was pretty much just the head of the DEA (or some person like that) spewing out lies explaining why marijuana should remain illegal.

    The idea of that site is great, but the whole point of it gets trampled when they pick and choose what they decide to take seriously.
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    I went to go sign it and there was a warning that the page or petition had been expired. I then looked at the active petitions and it wasn't the same one I thought it was.. How can it be a joke?

    Thanks for the news I thought I was onto something and was gonna spread the word the new petition only had 344 signatures
  5. It's a joke because they're not really going to change anything concerning marijuana laws, even though the people of America have proven that it's what they want.

    Before they issued the response, it really seemed like quite a victory; we had finally done it: made our voice heard, and we did it their way, on top of that. After the response was issued, I completely lost faith in that program. They're just going to respond positively to the issues they see fit - which is the complete opposite purpose of creating those petitions. If they aren't willing to give the people what they want, then there's really no point in those petitions.

    Pretty much the same thing happened with that YouTube contest. You know, the one where the retired police chief won the spot for the first question, and was completely ignored due to the content of his question...he was pretty much asking why we still have prohibition.

    Instead they asked more important questions, like what The President does in his personal life. :rolleyes:
  6. Ahh, didn't see the you tube thing, How ever i think ignoring what the people are asking for is wrong. The only way I see change is thru the people if we are ignored we have lost. If we stay together and are loud enough for a common cause, then they ignore us, then it is unconstitutional.

    In Los Angeles recently 49,000 signatures over turned the gentle ban. That was at the state level. We still have a real problem with the feds. I guess that they want to keep busting the growers in America, it means they like having friendly fire at the borders and occupying themselves with the cartels in Mexico.
    Sad I really think the people can make the difference.

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