The War Is Making You Poor Act -- Grayson and Paul do it again!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kylesa, May 22, 2010.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Rep Alan Grayson Introduces the War Is Making You Poor Act[/ame]

  2. I get the feeling the House really hates Alan Grayson. Which is awesome, because if you're not pissing someone off in politics, odds are you're doing it wrong. Also, I'm not sure what Ron Paul has to do with this one...?
  3. Grayson is the man, more than just a politician.
  4. Only politician I ever donated to.
  5. fucking outstanding!

    obviously this will never see the light of day, but it is still a slap in the face to the system.

    The defense budget really is fucking ridiculous...
  6. I'd guess he's probably a co-sponsor, since bills tend to have those.
  7. Very well articulated...

    Hopefully this might wake up some of the "fuck yea USA USA USA" clowns and get the slaughter of innocent people stopped..

    If there is one thing that seems to matter to americans more than anything else its the dollars in their pockets....
    Well said Grayson..

    As someone else asked what has this got to do with Paul ?
  8. Paul co-sponsored the bill originally, and over the past few months, Grayson and Paul have been working together on a number of excellent bills (like this one).

    A true Republican and a true Democrat coming together and making legislation lovechilds.

  9. Sounds good..
    Now if they could only bottle that loving feeling and dose the rest of them...:)
  10. Really, this is the meat and bones of the story for me. There's so much common ground that's being buried under needless divisiveness.
  11. In both houses it is almost always required that a piece of legislation be co-sponored by a member of the opposite party for it to be moved forward (almost always, not always).

    As a general rule, it takes most pieces of legislation several years and several modifications to break out of comittee (at which point something like 90% of legislation which leaves a comittee is passed, the comittees are where the nuts and bolts of legislation are made) and several different attempts.

    Having a co-sponsor from the opposite party is usually an indication that the legislation has enough compromise in it that it's ready to seriously move forward within various comittees.

    Finally co-sponsorship signifies that the person is giving a special sort of support and endorsement for the legislation, and is willing to work to ensure it is passed. Signing on as a co-sponsor of a fellow politician's piece of legislation is part of how the 'game' is played in Washington. This is especially important for freshmen congressmen who need to go back to their district with some accomplishments after only 2 years, so the leadership works to make sure freshmen are able to find legislation to co-sponsor that will be popular in their district.

    SOOO, that's your policy-wonk info for the day.

    About 6 months ago I would have taken a leak on Grayson's car door if I'd had a chance, but the last month or two the guy has shown himself to be more than just a loudmouth, but actually a person that takes VERY VERY principled stands, he just sometimes does so in a loudmouth way.

    Remember, even though R.Paul is kind of a nut, the guy has incredible amounts of seniority, and in Congress seniority means a LOT.
  12. same here man.. i've been loving every second of his loud mouth these days. Sad thing is, there are people that will argue against this bill, just like they did the Audit The Fed Bill.
    I still don't understand why any tax paying American wouldn't want to see the fed audited.. :confused:
  13. I did some checking.

    Sure enough both Paul and Grayson are on the House Committee on Financial Services (AKA the banking committee) (a VERY powerful committee, top 5 to be sure, right up there with Ways and Means, Rules, Appropriations, and Budget).

    Ron Paul is one of the senior-most republicans on the committee (grade-a dilhole Spencer Bachus is the ranking minority member), and Grayson is junior enough that he probably has to get people coffee and a danish during breaks (this is his first term).

    Everyone's favorite man-with-a-lisp "Bawney Fwank" is of course Chairman of the committee.

    SO in short, that's the reason Paul and Grayson are sponsoring things together so rapidly all of a sudden. Frank is happy to move most their legislation through the committee (almost always ensuring a full floor vote) and in turn Paul and Grayson are happy to do the dirty work of being the actual sponsors of legislation like this that kinda puts their necks on the line.

    Unfortunatly Grayson's re-election will be... tough... to say the least

    And now, /policywonk
  14. Did Sir Elliott just indirectly compliment Barney Frank?

    Is the rapture happening? What's going on?

    I don't think Grayson will face a terribly difficult reelection. Look at you guys, libertarians slobbering over his legislative might. To me, it seems as if he's naturally a firebrand (c'mon, channel the spirit of Clay), and he's capitalizing on it.
  15. Oh yeah, hes a real class act.

    [ame=]YouTube - Grayson: GOP = Al-Qaeda?[/ame]
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    No taxes for the poor and middle classes!
    Redistributing wealth.

    ^ Not once, the whole thread through! Proud of you guys.

    I've always liked this guy, even when disagreeing with him. Not so much the provocative behavior, but the prospect that it could force the realization on Republicans that their behavior is usually quite ridiculous these days.

    I'm all for that.

    :rolleyes: Some people have surprised me here. Not you.

    e: Also, drone. You don't get to talk about class until you clean house of Limbaugh and Beck, for whom Obama is literally Hitler. Then you can apologize for over eight years of calling all non-Republicans traitors or terrorists. I've never been certain whether Greyson is doing a calculated act to make a point about his enemies or if he's just bold and obnoxious.
  17. Methinks a little of both.

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