The Walmart Game

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by AlkaSeltzer, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. yet it is a game in itself.
  2. If you don't want to play the game then don't participate. Problem solved
  3. thats rather harsh... are you the umpire here? i dont feel like i made that big of a mistake.......
  4. Diapers
    Carton of eggs
  5. Viagra

    Ropes or handcuffs

    Enema kit
  6. Gallon of milk

    Enema kit

  7. Well, this is tense.
    On a unrelated note
    Chicken wings
    Rat poison
    And some kitchen knives
  8. Bleach

    Bottle of Jack

  9. a loaf of bread, a bra and Wreck It Ralph on Blu Ray
  10. Draino, Viagra, and laxatives.
  11. 1. Pregnancy tests
    2. Coat hangers
    3. Shop vac
  12. Tampons

    Seasoning salt

  13. :eek:
  14. No_ doze,wheres waldo books,classical music cds
  15. Live goldfish, PVC pipe, and a turkey baster.
  16. A giant vat of chocolate ice cream


    A rifle
  17. Just beiber tickets
    And one kit kat
  18. box of barbeque pringles
    box of caprisuns
    box of pizza hot pockets...
  19. Trench coat
    Bag of candy
    Window tint
  20. A map

    A Shovel

    A jar of mayo.

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