The Walmart Game

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  1. [​IMG]

    1: Laxatives
    2: Drain Snake
    3: Plunger
  2. 1. Monopoly
    2. Clay Aikens newest album
    3. Multiple pregnancy tests
  3. Condoms, a bottle of lube, and some big ass Polish sausages. Hahaha!!!
  4. Bleach
    Hack saw
    Contractor 55 gallon trash bags
  5. Methyl Hydrate
    Barbie doll
  6. wig
    water balloons
  7. roses
  8. Candy in bulk
    Teddy Bear
    Zip Ties
  9. Pussy money weed
  10. That makes no sense.
  11. Enema bag

    Large butcher knife

    Gay magazines
  12. Lmao!! Yeah, that would do the trick...
  13. ISO, Wash cloth, machete.

  14. reading isnt your thing, huh?
  15. Value size lotion, paper towels, Dora the explorer dvd
  16. U can buy all that shit are wal mart
  17. "No lube or condoms"
  18. Chlorine tablets (outdoor area)


    Heavy duty garbage cans with lids

  19. LOL! Sorry! I was using the App and didn't enlarge the picture
    My bad.
  20. Walmart's Equate brand "Personal Lubricant" comes in a squeeze tube.

    Don't ask me how I know this. :(

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