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The walls are talkin to me maaan!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by TooSicKs, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. haha, the other day i'm chillin in my apt sittin here typin some shit on here like i am now when i thought i heard my name called. "toosicks!", i heard. I listened and paid attention, and then i heard "toosicks, maan wake up". huh? i know i heard that. it sounded like it came from my kitchen. After a few minutes of walkin around lookn all over i heard it again "toosicks, hey, are you there?" louder now, without really contemplating the fact that i'd be havig a conversation with the wall i answer, "uhhhh, ,,, yeah?" i didn't hear it respond anymore, so now i'm walking around my kitchen taloing to the walls, stuff like "wtf?" and sayin stuff tryin o get the walls to talk. Well turns out that about the time the voices stopped was the same time my neigbor tried to give up on asking me a question from his kitchen window next door and come over to ask me at my door. He walks in with his gf and they both see me wandering around all baked talking to the walls. It was some pretty funny shit, he's all like "that weed's tha bomb ain't it?". and it was some bomb dank too.

  2. My AIM screen name has mr criminal in it.. So my friends that know my AIM name sometimes call me "mr criminal". My name comes from the Eminem song "criminal", plus smokin bud makes me a criminal.. so.. yeah. I almost made my name mr ounce, cause whenever I buy it's usually an o.
  3. i would never use my name in real life!!

    adam ?!?!? ewwwwwwww, jus the thought of it makes me want to charf.
  4. Yeah everybody calls me toosicks. j/k

    Actually the whole town knows i'm the crazy guy on the bike but almost none of 'em know my name.

  5. yupp...

  6. heehee. i know our crazy guy on the bike around here... well.. dont actually KNOW him.. or his name.
    i think everywhere needs a crazy guy on a bike.

    i wish i could b the crazy guy on the bike.

    a few people call me digit occasionally, but really not very much. just my brother, sisinlaw and girlfriend mainly, but sometimes other friends who know its my net name.

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