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  1. Okay so its 8 weeks and 4 days there are 3 from bag seed pics are on of the plant folowed by 2 close ups let me know what you think how much longer you think thanks alot i am going to smoke now

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  2. Ha man your funny. I will be the same way in 6 weeks. You have to wait till the pistols have 60-70% receded into itself. Yanno what I mean?
  3. I think you have a hermie in your second photo! Need a second opinion though.
  4. yea you got bananas in your second pic.
  5. i am looking it up was i type but what do i do i am so stoned and the lights go out in a hour help me please
  6. Do nothing at this stage... get a scope to check the trichomes...Google it....the trichomes need to change color
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    Yes I thort that he has that too. It looks like u can see one of the little White flowers don't it?

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