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The very tips of my leaves are yellow. What do you guys think (Pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Reggae420, Mar 5, 2014.

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    I just noticed this for the first time today. 
    The plant has been flowering for about 5 days.
    After doing some research I narrowed it down to either nute burn or nitrogen deficiency.
    I'm leaning towards nute burn because I fed her (hopefully) twice within 4 days.
    If it is nute burn, should I wait to see if it goes away or do a flush??
    Thanks guys
    photo 3 (17).JPG
    photo 2 (17).JPG
    photo 1 (18).JPG

  2. Looks like a very minimal nute burn to me. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Cut the nutes back a bit and watch the plants reaction. BTW....once a leaf shows stress etc. it doesn't disappear from affected leaves. Just see what the new leaves look like when they pop out.
    Overall it looks very healthy. G/L
  3. Thank you very much I appreciate the reply.
    I was thinking nute burn as well but it's good to get confirmation.
    Thanks for letting me know the stress won't disappear from affected leaves, did not know that.
    Will keep an eye on it next few days.
    Thanks again!
  4. You are good to go man looks incredible! If your using cfls id say its the tips arent getting enough light, or other way they're getting too much but I would not worry AT ALL unless it starts to spread. Then id think about moving lights closer/farther away and checking ph. but now there are no worries at all happens to me everytime using cfls when I cant get all the light exactly perfect
  5. Took a closer look and when that happened to mine at the top like that it was lights were a little to close. My experiences with nute burn happen across the whole plant. Take it or leave it I speak from experience not regurgitating things ive read. After my first grow my best tip is your plant will not die in a day and dont address minor problems before they happen. Obviously you HAVE to have the essentials, light water circulation. But dont worry about the sepcifics til they arise
  6. Looks pretty darn nice to me.  The HPS light kind of ruined the color quality of those pics, I can't really see any major yellowing.  
  7. Yeah the HPS definitely makes the color look off.
    Thanks for the encouragement. 
    Hoping i'll be able to see sex by the end of today.
  8. I'm actually not using CFL I recently put my big boy pants on and got an HPS light haha.
    Thanks man!!
  9. I agree that it looks like your light is a hair close, but nice lookin plant
  10. They look very good, maybe running a little heavy on your nutrients.. the tips are almost starting to turn yellow.. check your ph and try reversing your feeding philosophy.. use water and feed them when necessary, not visa versa, like we all like to do.

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