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  1. I love their docs too, but theyre very misleading. They are corrupting land race genetics with THEIR strains in those actual countries. Doesnt it seem odd that every field they go to also has their hybrids growing alongside land race? I think they send seeds as an incentive to let them film.

    The whole reason i liked them was because they are all about land race genetics, except they have NONE listed on their site :smoke:

    Its like they built their empire on an idea that never materialized. Im all about hybridization for various reasons, but many landrace have been carefully selected for hundreds to thousands of years, leading to far superior genetics than have been achieved in the last 50 years in my opinion.

    But i agree, they do possess some undeniable gems, but they are not what they advertise themselves as, and that is disappointing to me.

    If i was a billionaire, id have underground labs performing endless experiments, like that movie transcendence. :smoke:
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  2. Got my Automatics through the post this morning here in Spain.  Super smooth, super ninja and everything prompt and in very good shape!  A+ dudes!
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    One day, Poke, one day. We'll set up the Grasscity commune.
  4. Well, little late to posting here. Mine came in about 8 days or so, took me longer to get from the post office due to being away from home. I was blown away by the various free strains that were included with my shirt. The Jack Herer was only supposed to have 3 but a 4th was slipped in the package!! All seeds came unharmed, uncracked, and not squished. Jack is a man if his word and future business with him is a definite!!!
  5. My gifts!

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  6. The Vault is boss yo.  Everyone got hooked up large.
    I noticed they have new selections in since I last chose what I wanted for my care package.  Website has been tweaked a little bit too. :D
  7. Looks great guys. Unbelievable how many goodies he has sent out. 
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    I also noticed that when I seen Hazeman in stock!
  9. I will be buying from the vault In future seems like a very genuine company! Very nice to make sure you get the seeds in the highest quality possible and if not you get some that are!:) Good man jack!

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  10. do you guys have good germination? report please....
  11. Haha, i mentioned hazeman seeds to jack in our first email.

    Specifically molokai kush.

    Glad to see things rollin along. Vault rocks.
    One of my 5 freebies was cracked open. Cant say it will or wont germ. Got one seed germin now so we'll see
  12. My record so far is 6 of 6 popped and there different seed companies Dinafem, Barney's Farm & G13!
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    I did read a lot of good things about Hazeman as I was researching breeders & he has very reasonable prices! I got some of his Double White Cheese, Bubba's Widow, Strawberry Cough, Double White Grapes & Fat Purple! looking forward to popping some next year!
  14. Make sure you leave room for strawberry cough.....

    Shes a monster with a big ass! :smoke:
    Just the vault. I'm collecting address of seller with good germination seeds :)
  16. You gotta remember the vault it a seed bank, so it stocks seeds from various company's.

    This means if your germ rate is shit, then your problems direct with the breeder not the vault.

    Although the vault would probs replace for ya :)


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  17. I've been talking to jack and he told me The Vault is starting monthly Breeder promotions tomorrow they launch World of Seeds promotion so keep an eye out guys!  Check out there Facebook for updates on promo deals and competitions!!

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