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  1. The Vault is legit guys!!! As legit as it gets. They sent me an amazing promotional package.   After 3 weeks of waiting, my package still didn't arrive!  So I got back in contact with Jack from The Vault.  He checked the tracking code to the package and seen that it didn't arrive. WE assumed it was nabbed by customs and he swiftly sent out another package that very same day, even though I requested to wait a couple more days *JUST INCASE*.  He insisted.
    It was last Friday I spoke with him.  This Tuesday I received both packages! These guys are better than most.  Some places don't even guarantee your beans, let alone re ship a promo package with some kind of EXPRESS shipping that made it overseas delivered in 2 business days.  WOW.  My mind is blown. I would upload that super famous mind blown meme gif if I knew how haha.
    I got HOOKED THE - UP!
    029.JPG 039.JPG 035.JPG 033.JPG
    If you have made contact with The Vault, made a purchase or even were simply one of the lucky few to receive a promo pack please share your thoughts and experiences here!  Mine was great, that's for sure. I'll definitely be making my next purchase from them after receiving this kind of customer service.  Cheers!

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  2. Just got my free care package from J over at "the vault seeds!"

    Took days to get in my hands! Wow!

    Thank you "The Vault Seedbank"!!!!

    You guys are freakin awesome!
    They sent me a tshirt
    And 2 packs of dutch passion zig zags, the large ones I love!

    Also got a grinder, 2 dutch passion labels for pots,
    5x Big Skunk regular seeds, and two dutch passion harvest bags to hold bud

    Next up I got 3x sour diesel feminized seeds from my home state! They belong in cali! They came in a really nice collectable!
    Heres a front view!

    And heres the back!

    I wont ever hesitate to order from the vault. J is the man! I am super happy and feel truly and sincerely blessed @[member="Jack - The Vault"] !!! Thank you again brother!
  3. Damn nice hookup brotha!  That's a beautiful packaging for the HSO.
  4. I knew man, to say i was blown away is an understatement!
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    So upon closer inspection of my 5 big skunk free seeds from the vault, i noticed some damage to the unopened seeds.


    As you can see one looks cracked open! It almost looks like it started to germinate before being put into the pack, or humdiity was too high, or perhaps it popped on the plane ride across the pond. I was disappointed to see it popped. 2 of the other seeds seem like they may have hairline fractures.

    I wrote an email to J and showed him the pics above. I let him know that Im not complaining, i feel its ungrateful to complain about a gift. But i was more concerned with the stock he has on hand and wanted to notify him to check his stock just in case.

    I also let him know that pokesmot247 only needs one seed to pop to get shit rockin! He was disapointed at the damage and apologized, which wasnt necessary. He also told me to let him know if they germ or not.

    Anyways, im sure at least 1-2 will and thats all i really need for IBLs. Inspecting my sour diesel seeds, i saw no visible damage whatsoever, but being femeinized, i will have to cross them with a male to preserve genetics. I am open to any combination of hybrid suggestions.

    I will make a list in the plant sex thread and ask for suggestions there.

    I am still very happy and satisfied but i like the whole story to be transparent so that people do not question my bias whatsoever. I have told all sponsors I am as loyal to the people, as i am to any brand that would have me. I truly believe that transparency is why sponsors are interested in sponsoring me, so that a fair review is there or all to see.

  6. Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze? Super Sour Diesel? Super Silver Diesel? IDK. :3 lol.. Glad to see how he promptly wanted to make sure you were satisfied, even with your freebie. The more I hear from/about Jack at The Vault, the more sealed the deal is that Imma be shoppin' there. +10 respect for him yet again!
    The care package for me is still on the way, but that is to be expected. He said sometime NEXT week, not this week. I can't wait. Then again it did get in the mail yesterday or day before. Still, even on a freebie he was extremely prompt. We spoke, he wanted me to keep in touch to keep track of the delivery, and honestly.. He seems like a dude that I wouldn't mind going fishing with. 
  7. We love the truth and transparency Poke! I can't help but wonder that because Seedsman is kind of a "budget brand" if this type of QC is to be expected from Seedsman. 
    On the contrary, upon inspecting my packs of La Plata Labs I noticed I got a bonus seed in one of the 5 packs!!!
    I haven't checked one of my Seedsman seed packs yet.  Can't see the beans.  It makes me want to open and check. I find it interesting that they have, from what we can tell in this thread so far, at least 3 different types of packaging.  That pill pocket is pretty damn neato! 
    The one I got which is a flat paper labelled envelope is my favorite simply for the fact it is packaged the same as any other package of seeds you might find on the shelf at your local hardware/garden center.   AND THAT IS HOW CANNABIS SHOULD BE.  Treated the same as any other herb, flower, fruit, vegetable or ornamental plant.  I can't wait till the day that Seedsman Seeds are hanging on the shelf at Home Depot next to the Tomatoes. On the contrary, it's nice to be able to see the seeds in the package and check for defects before opening a sealed package like that, because upon purchase it might actually be able to be exchanged. /endsiderant
  8. Jack was great to deal with. Very prompt and friendly, when I found out I had a package at the local UPS store for pickup I was pretty confused, 'What the fuck did I order?' Not even thinking that his package could've arrived yet. Great customer service and will certainly be a customer in the very near future.
    I feel it's alao worth mentioning that in a message meant for someone else he had talked about sending some Strawbeery Cough, which I have been dying to try. Anyways, the message was supposed to be for another member but I jumped on the SC when he mentioned it and had no problem sending a few out to me as well.
    Thanks, Jack!

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    Probably going to be me. I can't stand indicas, so I let him know my favorite sativa strains and the ones I wanted to try most. Indicas are a great thing for some people. However, I have adverse reactions to most indicas. I did, however, mention that I was very interested in Blueberry as well. I can't possibly dislike a strain recommended for every medical condition I have, right? I do wanna know now though, what he said. >:3
    He's an incredibly prompt dude. I mean... We held a full length conversation in e-mail. Not JUST "Watcha want/here ya go" like many standard companies such as Samsung would do.
  10. Thanks for all the kind words guys :)
    Here at The Vault we believe in having the best customer service!
    Our aim is to create a great brand name by looking after our customers, and becoming part of the close-knit cannabis community.
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  11. You're doing a good job of that already. Many companies forget that caring for your customers should be your number one priority. If you don't intend to care for them, why bother to sell to them?
  12. I am new to ordering seeds, but my thoughts were the same as yours when I saw my kc 45 beans from herbies. They came as any packet of seeds at big box stores would, paper white envelope. I thought, wow, isnt that something? :)

    The pill packet has an up and down side. The upside is being able to see in, the downside is light gets in there too, which isnt good, as light can have a detrimental effect over time, much like shop lights effect vitamin a in plastic milk jugs at stores.

    I dont know anything about seedsman, but i wouldnt be surprised if quality was jeopardized with how the seed is packaged, since they seem to be like those pill packets lined with aluminum foil that you tear apart. I imagine many of these seed companies get large samples of free seeds to give away as a perk for large orders, but thats an assumption that seems logical from a business standpoint and may not be the case at all.

    I honestly did not expect my package for another week or so tbh. Why? Because i ordered from herbies last week. Got an email saying it wouldnt come airmail for stealth reasons. Took about 4-5 days from herbies. Well, i hadnt talked to j until two days after that order, and yet, my package from him arrived the day after herbies.

    That is fast!

    Impressive too :smoke:

    I had the same experience. I feel like he's more of a friend and a penpal than a sponsor or salesman, though I do not doubt his abilities at the business side of things. He's just geniune and friendly. Its weird how shocked we are by good customer service being over in north america. Things just tend to suck in general over here, so to meet a genuine human with a good heart, its like a ball of light or energy, people are just drawn to happy, positive, good things.

    I think J exemplifies those things. Id honestly say the same exact thing about Sherry from gorilla seed bank, such a sweet, geniune, beautfiul human being. Both hold places of respect in my eyes. I hope to grow to be as kind one day. It reinforces the "pass it along" mentality ive been trying to instill in myself as of late.

  13. I've always had that pass it along mentality. It's a good thing to have. I can't say I've dealt with Gorilla seedbank, as honestly I'd never ordered seeds before in my life, just gotten 'em from 'grab bags(schwag).' If this comes through and I am confident it will, I will have to start buying some seeds. Luckily, Jack has every strain I will want on that Vault site of his. <3... 
    Also, I feel you exactly. Talking with Jack is like talking with a friend. Also, it is actually kind of sad how much good service surprises us. You would think it was supposed to be a standard in the US, but it's not. Maybe in Canada, but not here. Nope. Well actually. There's 1 place I go locally, the Pizza Hut, where the staff all knows me and they're just as nice and helpful as can be. Still, even that had me surprised.
    Neither do I really, except that they are quite a large company. I'm just simply speculating based on the old American adage of "you get what you pay for". I noticed some of the Seedsman seeds are as cheap as $1 per.  Either way budget doesn't mean bad.  MikeJ and Peak is perfect example.
  15. Hey, Urb hope you dont mind me posting this here; I was checking out the Vaults inventory and saw Strain Hunter's Money Maker. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this strain? I've only heard someone mention it once or twice but it was always positive.
  16. Of course not man, it's not really my thread.  not like it's my journal or something.
    I'm not sure about money maker to be honest but there is some kind of hype surrounding this strain.
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    Ive been discussing strain hunters with sherry from gorilla seeds. I also responded to a thread titled, "strain hunters pisses me off" last night, bumping a 3 year old thread.

    They do not have a good rep anywhere that ive read about them, nor do they carry any landraces on their own site. They only have hybrids of supposed land races. If you are considering land race seeds like i was ( being inspired by strain hunters to be honest and fair), id reccomend world of seeds brand. They are also carried by the vault and are true land race genetics.


    Edit: fyi, i even provided links to world of seeds on 3 different sites in that other thread, including the vault.
  18. Thanks a lot pokes ^.^
  19. Youre very welcome my good buddy! :smoke:
  20. Of course there is tons of controversy surrounding GHS but there are said to still be gems within their collection like their Super Lemon Haze and more recently Money Maker.
    It's a complex because I love their docu's they are fun to watch and entertaining but  I hate everything they stand for and do in reality though. 

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