The VapeXhale.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by F. Fontaine, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. You guys ever heard of this? It's a new high end vaporizer coming out on the market soon.

  2. That thing's supposedly been "coming soon" for quite some time now. The longer the wait get's stretched out, the less convinced I am that this will be a worthy product.
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    Knowing SM55, it WILL be a worthy product. Beta units already out in the field for some of the guys over at FC. Excellent reports back. The designers of this vape are perfectionists and they want to make sure that whatever they put on the market is the best that it can be.

    Even the packaging on this vape is insane.

    And did you check some of the very highly regarded glassblowers that are on board?

    99 page VapeXhale Cloud thread with over 2450 posts in it and the vape isn't even on the market yet.
  4. Yea, its supposed to be insane. I pre-ordered it already.
  5. Yup. LOTS of excitement over this puppy.

    It really is unlike anything that has come previously. Can't say that about many, if any other vapes on the market, as most vapes either copy an existing technology, or they try to improve upon an existing technology. This one seems to be a unique design from the bottom up with the sole intent of improving the current technology of ALL current vapes by bypassing the limitations of each.

  6. yea...its gonna be kick-ass
  7. pre order ;)
  8. I'm definately gonna try and get in on this one early.

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