The ^,<,v game

Discussion in 'General' started by reeelax, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Sorry if this has been posted before:eek:, I searched a bit, and didn't find much, but I could just be to messed up :p

    Easy to learn, i'll explain--

    ^ say something about the person you believe to be true above you

    < Tell us something about yourself

    v guess something about the poster below you.

    So for me---

    ^ (no one's above me)

    < Hasn't slept for 26 hours (birthday weekend:eek:)

    v may yell at me for posting a thread that's been around many times before

    Take it easy mates---let's hear some facts/guesses !!
  2. too bad this has been done

    search button, foo
  3. ^
    Doesn't like things being reposted.

    < Really wants to get off of work.

    Will probably flame you

  4. ^ Laid back, I like this man.

    < I used it :eek:.

    v will probably flame me also:(, and has some beer and weed in him/her.
  5. ^ expecting to get flamed...Is wrong about that whole statement

    < In huge shit from

    V Will accuse me of being under 18 for saying "school"...shut up...
  6. ^ Needs to have faith that not everybody is a jerk :D

    < Is being hypocritical by making the statement above

    v Will have a tough time saying something about me because I'm fairly new
  7. ^ dont know them

    < been asleep all day/night until about an hour ago

    v will probably wonder who i am
  8. ^ smokes weed

    < smokes weed

    v smokes weed
  9. ^
    has a computer
    < really needs to sleep

    V will try to say something comical
  10. ^ Has probably fallen asleep by now, and he was wrong about the comical thing

    < Just doesn't give a fuck about anything stressful at the moment :D

    v Will be responsible for breaking the combo of avatar-less users posting in this thread
  11. ^ Obviously didn't say anything important because i've already forgotten who or what he or she posted

    < Am so stoned that I forget where the < sign on my keyboard and had to copy paste

    V Is going to plus rep me..... for being an asshole!

  12. ^ Made me laugh, but didn't rep ya quite yet.

    < Is hoping to win a Beer Pong tournament tonight

    v Loves to go to festivals.

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