The uses of male plants

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  1. Besides breeding. Can you make hash or will the pollen fuck it up? They don't look like the get crystals even when they are flowered. Besides the leaves does anything else contain THC?
  2. no there is no use for a male plant other than feeding your garbage disposal or adding to your compost heap.

    or hemp. you can always make hemp. then you can make a bracelet out of be like "i grew this fuckin bracelet" actually that's a bad idea.
  3. well shit fuck i grew some males for no reason. I know I can cook some green butter with a bunch of male plant leaves. or put em into bubble bags and make some hash. if i had a pound or two.
  4. hardly any if any thc on a male
  5. its always nice to grow one so you can rely on experience rather then isn't always from books :)
  6. very true:)

    would'nt stretch as far as "allways nice to grow one",but get your point;)

    hi & good 1st post.

  7. ya your right! i should say its nice to grow *one*.

    also perhaps playing with grafting would be interesting :)
  8. Take all the pretty leaves and spray that black light shit on them you can get it at Spencer's or maybe a head shop. Then get a laminater and laminate all the leaves. Now cut out the design of where the leaves are and get that puddy and hang the leaves all over your walls and ceiling and get a black light it looks sweet.
  9. im just going to do an isopropyl hash extraction with the leaves.

  10. Enjoy the headache:)

  11. lol. Your silly I made some low quality hash. That me as well as many of my friends enjoy. If I would have reacted my alcohol water solution with sulphuric acid I would have converted the cannabinol or CBN into THC, and the low amount of THC would be converted to delta-9-THC. But its still ok hash, better than smoking those leaves thats a headache. :D
  12. pollen, pollen, pollen...If you have no use for pollen then you have no use for males.
  13. Yeah I guess evidently SNOWRYDER males produce trichomes. Im growing them for breeding too.

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