The Unstoppable Force vs. The Immovable Object Answer

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  1. Yesterday morning I woke up and packed a fat bowl and smoked it. Idk why, but I thought of the paradox "what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object" and the answer kinda just came to me. The answer I thought of is that the unstoppable force goes THROUGH the immovable object!!!! It makes perfect sense! The force doesn't stop and the object doesn't move! I solved the answer to the universe. Fuck you if you say otherwise. :D
  2. The unstoppable force just rebounds and goes the opposite way
  3. they would just merge and then make a nuclear explosion
  4. that cant happen. For the force to rebound it had to stop to reverse.. Even if it's for a nano second
  5. they would collide...creating a clusterfuck

  6. A clusterfuck equivalent to a fight between God and Chuck Norris.
  7. [quote name='"PeruvianDank"']

    A clusterfuck equivalent to a fight between God and Chuck Norris.[/quote]

    While Bruce Lee sits on his throne and watches.
  8. this is what happens:

    [ame=]The Dark Knight "When an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object" Full Scene (HQ) - YouTube[/ame]
  9. what the fuck i swear i just saw this on a movie tv something I KNOW YOU STOLE THAT "ANSWER TO THE QUESTION" From somewhere
    sorry if i sound fucked just tell me if you did
  10. I am sorry, My shitty fucked up head has failed me again.
    I Just saw the date on your post and realized where i heard that question-answer was reading this exact post the other day. :smoke::smoke:
  11. ^ chill ur tits bro what u on about
  12. Chilled tits = pointy
  13. [quote name='"thesavagepony"']Chilled tits = pointy[/quote]

    Indeed and pointy tits are chilled tits
  14. Nothing would move
  15. Or maybe. Juuussstttt maybe. There's no fucking thing as an unstoppable force or unmovable object. :rolleyes:
    Edit: And if there was it'd probably just deflect :p
  16. everyone just CHILL YOUR DAMN TITS!
  17. If i was a gambling man i would keep my money in my pocket for this one.

  18. your sig made me laugh for like 5 minutes :D
  19. the unstopable force changes direction while the immovable object is uneffected
    OPs idea is wrong because to go threw something your going to need to move some matter to make a hole to go threw
  20. here's a wild idea blades....what if this situation occurred once before....and the result was....THE BIG BANG!


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