The Unofficial Sex Toy Thread....

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by FoxMulder, May 27, 2012.

  1. Now, we all got 'em. Who's willing to admit they own one?

    I own a few :)

    Please keep this within the forum rules and nothing too "nasty".
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  3. my gf and i own a few as well ;)
  4. Male. I'm gay, so what. I have a couple toys for those extra sexy times with my boyfriend. Got some dildo's, a fleshlight, handcuffs, candles, this swing for the attic, glow in the dark condoms, this weird rabbit vibrator that I use for a back massager instead of its intended use (take that corporate america, I'm not buying a back massager for $49.95 when I got this for $14.99) and a bunch of other things :)
  5. This is my favourite ;)

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  6. [quote name='"SubMuncher"']This is my favourite ;)[/quote]

    As long as you use a condom with it, so you don't catch anything. You probably don't know where that's been bro. :)
  7. Anyone else not embarrassed or ashamed of their collection?
  8. one time I found a rubber ass in the sex store my friends always joked about what would people think if they found that thing lol.

    or what if I die and my family has to go through my things. they're gonna find that and then I will be remembered for having a rubber ass in my closet.

    and the shame you would feel when you actually use it :laughing:
  9. hitachi magic wand is quite magical... ;D
  10. clit massager haha we all know what thats for its in the name looool
    its funny I used to have this weird little thingy for like..penises
    u put um on the penis an when u have sex it makes it more pleasureable
    for both its jus funny when u put in on a penis an it looks like
    that thingy from yo gabbagabba XD
  11. Unfortunately my ex kept all of our shared toys.

    So I used to have:
    - rabbit
    - another vibrator
    - strap-on
    - buttplug
    - wireless butterfly vibe
    - whip
    - inflatable dildo
    - ties

    Now have:
    - bondage rope
    - flogger
    - vibrator
  12. We have a lot

    Strap Ons
    French ticklers
    Nipple clamps
  13. i gave my ex all of ours, except the cockring i have with a detachable vibrator. I still don't think i can bring myself to use that on a different chick though....kinda weird. But yea i have that, had 2 vibrators, cuffs, hot wax candles, blindfold, ropes. well i did keep the cuffs and ropes, so i really just gave her the vibrators
  14. I love my handcuffs, i had to make spares of the keys though. Boyfriend thought it'd be funny to handcuff me and just leave me naked and wanting/waiting for him for awhile, but i showed him. Spare key taped underneath the lamp :)
  15. My ex kept the vobrator since she has the vagina and I threw out the cock ring thing because it was weird as shit.
  16. you guys could open up a pro dungeon...:le:
  17. female, and i have:
    clit massager
    gspot vibrator
    anal vibrator
    nipple vibrators
    double-headed dildo
    french tickler
    ben wa balls
    anal beads

    i feel like im forgetting something.. but you get the point ;)
  18. Hahaha fleshlight
  19. Fox are you a kept man lol....

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