The Unofficial Perpetual Join at any time Party Cup Competition.

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    All entries must be in either 16oz or 18oz party cups. Please specify which size you are using in your posts and when you PM me your totals. That way I can have a column for 16oz yields and 18oz yields in post #2.

    All entries must supply pictures of said plants in their party cups.

    Anyone can enter at anytime. Just post in the thread with a pic of your party cup plant.

    No restrictions on medium used or nutes used. No restrictions on lighting.

    All roots must be contained in the party cup itself.

    To have your total grams yielded added to the OP you must PM me your total along with a picture of your party cup just prior to harvest.

    That's all I can think of for now. If anyone has any suggestions on rules or feedback let me know. This is our thread and our competition. We can all contribute to how it's run.
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    *reserved for yield totals*

    Hey blades I don't think I'll be able to edit this particular post with the totals after 7 days. So.

    Keep an eye out for the above banner throughout the thread whenever anyone PM's over a yield report.
  3. My entry:
    Started 7/29/12
  4. I want to play. Do you think clone or seed would do better in a party cup?:devious:

  5. Your choice mate.

    Does anyone have objections to allowing clones?
  6. Let's get the party started!!! Thanks for the new thread RbHrbMan. I was hoping a new one would be started...+Rep. Good idea with the yield report post too. No objections to clones here. I think it should be suggested that participants not go more than 2 weeks without updating or posting new pics. Did you mean 16 or 18oz cups in your OP?
  7. The party cups I bought were the standard red ones and they say 18oz on them.

    Here is a pic.

    As for the posting every 2 weeks I like the idea. But I don't want to scare people away with that requirement. As long as we have a pic of it started and a pic of it in the cup just prior to harvest I think that should be good enough.

    I certainly encourage any and everyone to post updates as often as possible though.

  8. Thanks bro...wanted to make sure on the cup size. As for posting every 2 weeks or so, I also think it should be encouraged, but not required. What strain do you have in the cups there?

  9. Straight up bag seed for me. Always and forever. ;)
  10. I may join this with my bagseed grow. If I do it though I'll have to take a clone of it because I want to see how it actually yields. Give me a couple weeks I'll figure something out if not just get more bagseed for a full solo cup grow.

  11. No problem man. Just as the thread states this competition never ends. As long as people keep posting their party cups and PM'ing me their yields I'll keep updating the thread!
  12. Beans have been started:yay: I'm gonna try my hand with some bagseed a friend gave me today. She said they were blue dream and purple seeds...not too sure though. I'm germing a lucky #7, 4 purps and 3 blues. I'm calling them Purple Party and Blue Balls:eek: She said the blues were in her purse(summer desert heat) for a couple months, but the ones I germed looked really good(too crappy of camera for pics...sorry guys) and I'd be happy even with one good lookin' female....but what guy wouldn't? I germ using the paper towel method, then put the ziploc in the middle of a hand towel and place on the CFL ballast I have for veg. This is how I germed the six 3.5wk old ladies underneath them. I thought they could keep each other company this way. Will have some pics and details of grow once they sprout. Peace

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  13. ^ Hey those aren't party cups. LOL. JK. Nice looking ladies though.

    Good luck on your germination.
  14. ill deff be joining as soon as i free up some space.........RED solo cup your more than just plastic your more than AMAZING! your more than FANTASTIC!
  15. and just something to get us all excited





    and...this..this is just insane...

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    Holy hell man, that, that, that is really just insane....+Rep. There's nothing more I can say
  17. I will have to go read your journal now.:D

  18. Oh....My.....God.....

    This is a party cup challenge growers wet dream right here.

    Are these yours?
  19. I am in! I will pick a seed and start germinating tonight!

  20. Sweet! Let's get this party started.

    Here are my entries. Day 7 I think?!?

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