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The UnOfficial Pass On Some Advice to a Younger Stoner Thread - Roast and Post

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AK Infinity, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Understand that marijuana is an amazing medicine and plant to enjoy but sometimes the people that partake aren't the best of people. Just like with anything in life, watch out for yourself and your loved ones. Be careful who you associate with. 95% of the stoners I have met are fantastic people..because..weed. But, there have been those who aren't exactly upstanding citizens.

    Also, don't feel pressured and don't pressure anyone...EVER. That is wack. Real friends will respect you when you feel you have reached your limits. I always offer if I keep smoking but if they say no then that just means more for me.

    Don't be afraid to bring a scale. Don't get ripped off. It's easy for a plug to say that it just looks short because they are "tight nugs" or any excuse.

    Keep your pieces clean. Don't be a greasy gross toker. Be clean. Like god damn. I know seasoned tokers who are gross and I just don't get it lol. Keep everything you own clean!

    No torches. Ever on anything besides a dab rig.

    No zippos. Gross.

    If you start getting panic attacks, just realize that this isn't a perma feeling and you are definitely not going to die. Just embrace the feeling. It's amazing how positive a plant can impact your life if you let it.
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    with 80 made 3 trades to get a fab egg rig and then trade for 100+ the rig for my new piece. Trade up
  3. Do not let anyone tell you how to live- enjoy your life on your terms, go at your own pace in your own time. Do as you please, and remember that you alone are responsible for your bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Feel free to explore the world, do not listen to the naysayers or critics saying the word 'can't' because they never had the balls, living comfortable, boring lives of routine predictability. "To thine own self, be true"
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  4. Just happened to me the other day. I dab for the first time and next thing yo know 30 minutes later, cops got the wrong house. I damn near shit myself.
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    we need to change the stigma that all pot heads arent burn outs.
    I got a hair cut and walkin to my truck a kid was rolling a blunt in his car. I said "have a good one man" and he said "thank you sir". We need more of this, be respectful
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  6. Almost 10 years since first post/thread, I remember reading them before I was too young to even smoke my first bowl. My advice would be to let the weed revolve around your life and free time and not let your life revolve around the weed. There might (MIGHT) be a time where you regret being stoned when you're trying to rememember nostalgia triggered memories and wish you could recollect it more clearly. And as tempting as weed is to all of us vulnerable human beings, if it does really kill your motivations and aspirations for you personally, then just quit and start smoking again when your objectives are complete..
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  7. hi guys!! I recently got accepted into nursing school and have to past a labcorp test sometime next week(haven't scheduled it yet bc im so nervous).I was a heavy smoker for the last couple of years(couple blunts a day, some to myself) I stopped smoking on July 15, 2017. 23 days later I took a first check home test and BARELY got a line. After five minutes there was literally no line and about an hour later u could very very faintly see a line. (I included the picture). Not sure if it's a "ghost line" or what but I sent it to the lab so I will see what they say about it in a few days. I am soooo nervous if I don't pass my lab test I cannot reapply to the nursing program. Please tell me your experiences & if you guys think my home test was negative or positive!
    112 lbs-female... thank you!!

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  8. Im sure this has been said already but I cannot stress it enough.
    If you get put on random drug screens for anything, stop and do not consume any weed until you are absolutely free from what is restricting you. Sure you can time it out and smoke a few times and clean up then dilute but believe me when I say(from my experiences on felony probation) the high isnt worth the stress of being popped. Weed isnt going anywhere and I understand the thought of being high is tempting but in the end when your let off any reatrictions that first smoke will be well worth the wait. If your parents are drug testing you then respect their rules or maybe have a sit down and reason with them, maybe they will let you smoke as long as your at home and not smoking up the entire house or pack up and roll out if weed means that much to you. Dont blow up your dealers phone ever, dont focus on weed "names" and ALWAYS know the "lingo" for weight and price. Like in my area the shady people go by "Dub=$20" if you ask one of the street boys for a dub odds are youre gonna get a gram of some ok seedless. Buy a scale and weigh what you get because some ass hats skimp the amount that the bag weighs. Hell ive known dudes that would double and triple sandwich bag claiming its to help with the smell.
  9. You already made a thread about this and have been replied to. The only way to know is to test yourself, the only thing you will get from the
    Forums is false hope and that doesnt make a test show negatives
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  10. Always be a productive stoner!!

    Don't brag! No one needs to know your a pothead! Shhhh!

    Don't try not to cough! It makes it so much harder! Even seasoned smokers cough here and there. No big deal!

    Don't think cause you can't smell it they can't either. If you smoked, you stink... that's all. Lol

    Always be respectful. It's your choice weather legal or illegal. Don't put it on others.

    Always be chill and own your shit:)

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  11. If you're smoking a blunt with a female make sure its at least a gram or better. You'll thank me later lol
  12. Handle your business and then smoke, that is of course assuming that smoking isn't your business. You will get higher for longer and feel better about your choices than having a high full of regrets and thoughts about your out-of-order lifestyle.

    Business-> enjoyable high->balanced life ->happiness
    Bullshitting->wasted high ->unbalanced life ->chaos and frustration

    It's not exactly brain surgery.
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  13. Dont buy weed while youre high. You might count your mone wrong
  14. Idk if someone mentioned this or even if it's true but I heard cops can't go through your mail (im sure they can but they shouldn't apparently) so if you have to put it in your car and you get stopped it should be in an envelope. Would that work or not?
  15. Very true indeed

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  16. :cop:The Grass city police, who cares
  17. Some good advice in here man, thanks

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  18. Bong hits get you the most high and conserve weed best.
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  19. That leafly sounds like it would come in handy

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  20. Try your best to distance yourself from distractions of any kind for at least a few years, get some kind of credentials and get into a job with career prospects. Even if you don't go far, just a few rungs up the ladder opens up a whole world of luxury as far as smoking goes. You can buy the most expensive strains, the best kit for you, all the little extra accessories, it's an amazing feeling compared to how tight everything is in your teens. I fly to Amsterdam for weekends now whenever I feel like it and I'm not crazy intelligent - I just forced myself to endure some boredom for a couple of years and it's unlocked so much. Anybody at all can be "successful" and having a job isn't the only way to be successful, but it feels so damn amazing going for a steak dinner at some fancy pants restaurant when you're high as fuckkkk :D

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