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The UnOfficial Pass On Some Advice to a Younger Stoner Thread - Roast and Post

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AK Infinity, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. [To eventually be located in the "Apprentice Tokers" Forum.]

    GrassCity is filled with knowledge from how to make ISO hash to how to grow marijuana using the SCRoG technique but what I think we need are concise offerings of advice/knowledge and daily observations that will help out the younger folks. What does every stoner need to know from buying marijuana to smoking it?

    My Advice: Never give your money to anyone that has to go get your weed. I know this seems like a no-brainer right? Well oddly enough it isn't practiced as much as one might think which is why we'll see threads from time to time like, "Pissed just got ripped off," or "My Goddamn dealer disappeared." A marijuana transaction is like with any reasonable transaction, one expects to have the product at the time of payment. Also I would suggest that daily smokers or anyone that consumes a large quantity of weed buy a scale--weigh your stuff occasionally just to make sure--and insist that your dealer weigh your weed at the time of purchase. I realize that this can't always happen but the more involved and aware you are about matters like these the better the chances are you won't get ripped off.

    Stay green.
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  2. Don't be too consumed with the name of your cannabis or what it's called. Most likely it's a marketing tactic used to hype up their product and/or price. Plus just because your cannabis is a named "exotic" it doesn't guarantee potency. Potency has a lot to do with genetics yes, but it also has a lot to do with how it's grown.
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  3. Allways remember to get really really high you gott'a smoke more weeds than Dr.Seuss:bongin:
    Honestly and Truthfully
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  4. When meeting a new dealer make it seem as though you have other dealers and good prices. When he first names his price, act as if your use to paying a lot less and give off the appearance that you might not want to pay such a high price. Do this for an eighth of mids that costs more than $30 or and eighth of danks that costs over $45. Make your self seem smart and don't give too much respect before it's given to you. Never act like there doing you a favor.

    In my opinion this mostly applies to strains that have a household name in cannabis culture, such as Haze, Kush, or Sour Diesel.
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  5. look at the bud before you buy it. ive seen several threads about getting regs and dank or not even getting real bud at all. i always weigh, look, smell my bud before i buy it. i really like for my dealer to smoke a bowl with me. i want to get what i pay for.
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  6. Prepare to run into the cops stoned, because it WILL happen eventually.
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    if your driving with weed in the car, know your rights, dont consent, just know your laws.

    and always. corner the bowl..

    EDIT: Remember. Dont let your life revolve around bud, have bud revolve around your life.

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  8. oh and buy in bulk. you will thank yourself later.
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  9. Inhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale. Exhale. The marijuana should handle things from here!
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  10. Can I please get serious responses that will actually help others? I'm very disappointed with this nonsense, all of you are too smart to end with this. We're trying to enrich our community not clog up the forums with crap.
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    i agree with alot said above
    my tips...

    1) Never let people know your stash spot in the house, whether you have alot or a little.. you never know who will grab when your not looking, even your good friends.

    2) Be extremely careful smoking in vehicles, whenever you can, get off the road, take a small walk into the woods and smoek the bowl, then go back to the car.. when yoru car smells like pot, the cop can royally fk you.. if your leaving a house that is empty, smoke at the house before going, or if your going somewhere to smoke, dont smoke on the way there... getting pulled over and arrested for smoking when you were 10 minutes away from a smoke safehouse is a very bad situation

    3) When driving with bud, always have a good spot for it, if your car is older, find a piece that you can break/fix - my friend for example had an old jeep, and he was able to pop out the center console (the thing that covers where the transmission is) and could fit about an ounce in there, and then pop the piece back on without any visible damage, thats the best spot i've seen so far (other than false bottoms or something)
    when you can, store excess weed in the trunk (you have a half oz on you, but will only be smoking a bowl on the way to mcdonalds, put 13 grams in the trunk, and 1 in the bowl.

    4) Handle your shit, no1 expects your high, so don't be paranoid, just act normal and stay cool.. when you go home, your parents dont think your high, when you go to school, teachers dont think your high... until you give them a reason.

    5) ALWAYS HAVE VISINE ON HAND, they make small bottles that are PERFECT for those little pockets in jeans (the pocket in the pocket thing.. that little one)

    6) be generous with your bud, but expect reciprocation. If your smoking everyone up, the next night, they should be smoking you up. If not, then dont be ashamed to ask for money - say your with 3 other guys, and you roll up a blunt with a gram in it... say 5 dollars to hit the blunt.. idk many people who would be like FIVE BUX WTF MAN IM NO BILL GATES, and 5+5+5+ your 5 = the $20 gram.. all evened out!

    7) Always pick up dutches or phillies before the gas stations close!! nothing worse than being stuck with no blunt at midnight and the nearest open place is 15 minutes away (would happen all the time at my home town)

    And probably most importantly, use common sense. Be Smart, and you will not get caught. Don't smoke in suspicious areas, don't take random drives with people for weed. DONT be one of those idiots in school that walks around talkin like he's hot shit becaues he smokes, the kids that do that are the ones that are the worst smokers, and only smoke because they think theyre cool. The smokers that dont pronounce their smoking habits (unless invoked lol) are the ones that are true smokers, and know whats good.

    Careful who you buy from, try to find a good connect that is reliable and not too sketchy. Whenever you smoke with people, start talking about connects, if you smoke with some new people and they have some good krpyt, ask them where they got it, if they wouldnt mind giving you a number, an introduction, etc.. just again, make sure theyre not shadier than you'll want to handle.. you'll find yourself in a shitty situation fast, and a drug dealer can pick up on a scared little kid, and probably will rip you off or rob you.

    edt: More on that^ - when you meet a good dealer, be a good customer.. dont make things a hassle for him, be considerate to his schedule and availability (if he cant get you one night, dont bitch and moan at him, you should have called earlier.. he may be a drug dealer but most of the dealers selling pot have a life, and do more than wait around for your phone calls) And whenever you get a chance, go over and smoke with him.. offer to roll up a blunt or pack a bowl, and he'll probably throw down alot more than you expected. If you get close with your dealer, he'll start giving you very good deals, introducing you to other people who can help you, and you'll be in an all around better situation. He'll even go out of his way more for a friend customer than he would for some random punk who wants weed.

    Most importantly, relax, enjoy, theres nothing like smoking in a spot where you have no fears or concerns.. make sure you've got plenty of snacks and drinks, maintain proper smoking etiquette (do not exhale that smkoe until it has gone from your mouth into your lungs, nothing worse than smoking with someone and seeing them let out a fat cloud of THC filled smoke that merely when from the bowl, to their mouth, into the air.. i've kicked people off the blunt of that), and have fun!
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  12. Purple leaves on your bud will NOT increase the potency. Besides that strain being a carrier for purple leaves, the purple is also based on the cooler night temps in the grow room. A lot of dealers will sell it as a better smoke, but it doesnt matter.
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  13. just remember, weed IS illegal, dont speak about it openly in resteraunts, public places, in front of a cop (no brainer).

    Also, if you got it, conserve if possible. Dont waste weed, everyone has had those mornings wishing you smoked a 1 or 2 gram blunt instead of the 5 grammer that sounded awesome at the time.

    left all day right all night!:smoking:
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  14. Learn A LOT about what you're putting into your body before you do it.

    ...and DON'T SMOKE MOLDY WEED! It truly is dangerous.
  15. When shopping for a new piece at a head shop never refer to it as a "bong" everything with water in it is a water pipe, and never mention weed while you're in there, ever.
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  16. Sorry :(

    Here's some:

    -Build a stoner survival kit: Visine/Chewing Gum/Cologne/Baby Wipes. Throw all of these things in something non conspicuous. Appearing sober is sometimes a very important part of being high.

    -If your parents/roommates are not cool with weed, do not bring it in the house. Not even when they aren't home.

    -Break one law at a time. If you have weed on you, don't commit traffic violatons, don't fight, don't skate that 6 stair handrail on the backside of the police station.

    -Learn the common prices for where you live. Your dealers may not be ripping you off, but if they know that you have no clue what you should be getting, there is a chance they are not giving you enough.

    -You may think smoking weed is "cool", but in most places the actual word is "illegal". Keep your non curricular activities private. Most people know the lingo too, so watch what you say in public places. I once heard it phrased: Handle your scandal.

    -Learn to roll a joint. It is simple, effective, and the easiest way to get away with smoking. Not as suspicious (I can spot a bong-rip from a mile away, but in most cases a joint just looks like a cigarette) and you can toss the evidence when you're done. Also, rolling papers are not illegal, a used pipe/bong is.

    -Weed does not kill brain cells. Weed does not destroy your memory. Research what you put in your body before you consume it.

    (Sorry AK :( Hope that helps)
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  17. In no particular order:
    - If you have to do something important, do it before getting high.
    - If you have to cough/laugh/etc PULL THE BONG AWAY. You might get made fun of for bitching out of a hit, but no one likes their bowl of weed soaked in bong water.
    - Don't give your money to anyone other than the person handing you the weed. (I'd only consider breaking this rule for my brother, that's about it)
    - Know what you are buying. This applies to anything from the weed itself to bongs to eye drops. Seriously, a little research goes a long way.
    - RESPECT YOUR PARENTS yes I'm sure you are all 18, but most of you live at home still, and unless you are paying rent, it's your parents' house and their rules.
    - Never make any sort of transaction in a parking lot.
    - Smoke out your dealer from time to time. (Or at least offer) Next time you pick up a sac just say "Hey thanks man, you wanna smoke a bowl or something?" If you're not comfortable with the idea of blazing with your dealer then why are you buying from him?
    - Weed is amazing for hangovers.
    - Learn self-control. Take a week off.
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  18. Oh, and buy a scale. They're like 20 bucks off ebay.
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  19. remember. . .

    keep it mellow.
    think then act
    represent the change you want to see
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  20. Never let your smoking marijuana inconvenience others... this is a nice little law i liked to follow while i lived at home... a.k.a, dont smoke beneath someone elses open window so them and their children have to smell it, whether you know them or not. Don't litter your empty gram bags and blunt wraps around, be respectful.. you're doing something illegal, so keep it as clean for others as possible.. and when you go inside to eat all your munchies, clean it up and do the dishes lol, dont make your mom do extra housecleaning because your a pothead
    Be Careful With Glass!!!! (And all other smoking paraphanalia for that matter)
    and as said before, joints can be a very nice thing to have -- papers are legal, and no cop can give you trouble for having a pack of them. If your goin to be driving w/ pot, bring the papers instead of the bowl, that way worse comes to worse, you get possession of marijauan and not possess. of marijuana AND paraphanalia
    and joints look like cigarettes, especially if you smoke them between your index and middle finger rather than like a joint
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