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  1. If there's an inside, shouldn't there be an outside? Whats outside of the universe?
  2. by definition it would be everything that does not exist, aka nothing

    Universe = everything that exists, by definition anything outside of it, exists, and is therefore inside of it

    Isnt that a fuckin trip
  3. There can't be anything outside the universe, by the merit of what universe means in the first place. If you can imagine a place, object, etc., it's part of the UNIverse, a small part of the whole that interacts with other parts.

    At the best, we could have many multi-verses.

    Damnit sirsog you beat me.

  4. How do you know we're not little bacteria inside some dudes body?:eek:

    You are now entering twilight zone...dun dun dun

  5. i would picture it more like this lol... we are a speck of matter(humans), on a quark(earth), on a proton( solar system), in a molecule (galaxy) that makes up a drop of fucking water (universe)


  6. If the world exists at a far larger scale than we are aware of we are misusing the term 'universe' when we apply it to the fraction we are cognizant of.
  7. Wait, what? :laughing:

    Maybe I should just stop asking these types of questions ha ha

    Ok just one more ha ha. What if the universe doesn't expand outwards, but grows deeper? Like this is all a big hole that goes on forever, sinking further and further into nothingness, creating a something as it goes along. EDIT: Or maybe just stretching what already exists

  8. What if its not expanding at all, and all the matter is just shrinking man.........

  9. Well, we use it to describe everything we are aware of. Everything else is the supernatural until we can define it in nature.
  10. Other Universes, and what the Kabbalists call Ein Soph, basically "No Thing".

    Infinity is the only logical possibility. If the Universe ends, it is inside of some container. Various mystical traditions talk about multiple Universes, and that our Universal God (not just like YHVH or Christ/Shiva/Dionysos who are limited to our solar system) is just 1 of many, some are Adept at making universes, and within them everything is far more perfect, and some are worse. It's just like any art or trade, there will be those who are better at creating and those who are only beginning to learn it's finer details.
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    What if existence is literally infinite and therefore takes up ALL space? Even if there is an outside, I think it'd be a void/vacuum, but I think it's size is just incomprehensible.

    Although the holographic universe theory always has me thinking of the universe (or physics/matter basically) as a cd just spinning in cycles causing the spiraled universe we get, and then the laser is the "consciousness"/energy.


  12. where is the universe? whats it expanding into? more space? wouldn't it just be more of the same? if there is many universes, what seperates this one from another one? some space in between, like an impermeable membrane ? gahhh so many questions and no answers:eek: will we ever know?
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