The Universe and Life-A Synthetic, Engineered System?

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  1. [Just watched Martin Rees' video on TED Talks]

    He brought up the proposed (not proven) idea that the big bang and our universe is a small part of a broader scheme.. That we can't perceive and understand certain parts of our universe and origins due to dimensional restrictions. Now, I'm sure quite a few of you have had some stoner conversations about similar ideas, I know I have. I really buy into the idea.

    I have absolutely no evidence to back up what I'm about to propose, but... how possible (Is it more likely?) is it that our universe- it's laws, our lives, everything- is simply a synthetic, engineered system. We're like a complex bacteria, in a test tube (for lack of a more fitting term), among many other bacteria (with different "universe" settings), in an out-of-this-universe lab, in an out-of-this-universe universe.

    I realize I'm touching on something god-like. But, entertain the thought, if whatever evolves from humans in the billions of years to come, and our technological understanding continues to develop - which obviously would increase our understanding of life and the universe... can any of you see "us" having the ability to create synthetic (or real... I guess) universes with laws and life, etc.?
  2. look into transhumanism. basically one day we will have the ability to put our brain into a supercomputer and create our own universes. maybe thats where our universe came from?

    im getting frustrated by the limits of the english language.
  3. Haha, that would be funny. We would be living in a universe simulated by computers which exist in a universe simulated by computers.

    Anyway, I would really like that, I just worry about how these computers will be kept running.
  4. I've always maintained that if there were a God for this world and universe that he's just an alien scientist or even student. That'd explain how such physical simple rules could make something so fucked up. He's just not that good yet and already moved on to a new experiment.
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    No? I figured they inserted a "life-initiating" mixture or sorts with the help of an incomprehensible microscope-like device. Lol... I enjoy speculating.

    Lol, definitely. Time and death... thats fucked up. It could've left those out. Oh well.

    Create a universe and watch as your creations eventually do the same. What better way to learn about the origins of your own?
  6. lol, sounds like the anunaki coming to earth, genetically engineering humans, and creating a dimensional prison.
  7. True... It does... :D
  8. Yeah there are somethings our consciousness can't imagine. I bet if we had strong enough mind power we could go off into different dimensions whenever we wanted to.
  9. I read a cool book called "tyrannosaurus canyon" the other day. Basically, they find this crazy looking "virus" thing on a dinosaur fossil and decide it was a plague virus that wiped out the dinosaurs after the asteroid hit. At the end of the book, one of the characters speculated that the "virus" didn't fit into our view of life, so it was (remotely, I suppose) possible that it could be something like a computer or program (wish English had better words for what I'm trying to say) that was deliberately introduced to Earth's ecosystem to shape it into a fitting environment for Humanity.

  10. Ive actually had the same theory. Imagine we / are universe where actually a small atom pigment to a hole nother universe and etc. . .

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