The United States Needs A Renaissance

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    I decided to write this particular post after reading an article about how the United States “performs” in a range of different areas as opposed to the other big nations in the world. The verdict? The U.S. has A LOT of work to do.
    Here is an excerpt from the article that states how low the world's wealthiest nation has sunk:
    \n“Consider just a few wake-up-call facts from a long and dreary list: The United States now ranks lowest or close to lowest among advanced “affluent” nations in connection with inequality (21st out of 21), poverty (21st out of 21), life expectancy (21st out of 21), infant mortality (21st out of 21), mental health (18th out of 20), obesity (18th out of 18), public spending on social programs as a percentage of GDP (19th out of 21), maternity leave (21st out of 21), paid annual leave (20th out of 20), the “material well-being of children” (19th out of 21), and overall environmental performance (21st out of 21).
    \nAdd in low scores for student performance in math (17th out of 21), one of the highest school dropout rates (14th out of 16), the second-highest per capita carbon dioxide emissions (2nd out of 21), and the third-highest ecological footprint (3rd out of 20).
    \nAlso for the record: We have the worst score on the UN's gender inequality index (21st out of 21), one of the highest rates of failing to ratify international agreements, the highest military spending as a portion of GDP (1st out of 21), and among the lowest spending on international development and humanitarian assistance as a percentage of GDP.”
    \nYes, it really is that bad. And if you just look at these statistics, some other things become more clear. For example, look at the mental health numbers and then look at the amount of shootings and acts of terror that have become commonplace in the United States in the past year or two, from the disaster at the Boston Marathon to the mass shooting in Newton, CT. Look at the lack of public spending for social programs that can rehabilitate the nation and offer a new set of values and cognitive thinking.
    \nAnd then look at statistics like poverty and and life expectancy and realize that people work their asses off to make ends meat, mostly so they don't end up in poverty in the first place. But all work and no play makes Danny a dull boy. What do you get for working hard? An early death. How's that for a anticlimactic ending?
    \nMany could read this article and take different things out of it as I have. Some might think of solutions to the obvious problems that have inflicted the core of this once-great nation, and I use the term in past tense to show how far the United States has actually fallen; maybe not in terms of wealth or greed, but in terms of not taking care of its people and displaying an “every man, woman and child for themselves” mentality. The dichotomy between the rich and poor has reached a whole new level of outrage and sadness.
    \nTo avoid the temptation of going completely berserk, I will add some thoughts to how I think society can improve in the United States and how the “American Dream” can once again become something that Americans themselves respect again.
    \nPeople do whatever the fuck they want
    Isn't that the country that has been built since World War II? “Love it or leave it!”
    \nIf you are going to blame the people who eat the trashy food (and I'm not immune to eating garbage food from time to time), then the places that serve the trash food should be blamed as well. HOWEVER, other countries have McDonald's and Burger King and are still as thin as we are. Most people I know are actually health conscious/not obese.
    \nDestroying obesity takes two things: 1) eating better and 2) living a healthier lifestyle (drop soda for water, exercise semi-daily, etc.)
    \nJust look at the Chris Christie thing: he knows people don't want a fat president, so he gets weight surgery three years prior to the election. It's no accident.
    \nAnd in regards to Michelle Obama, I see where she is coming from but I also think her goals are a little too high. Kids don't want to eat apple slices; they want chocolate and junk food. So what? I did that and I'm perfectly fine today, and all the other kids I went to elementary school and middle school and high school and even college are fine as well. And if she wants people to eat organic, then lower the price. Shit is too expensive for a low-to-middle income family to buy all the time.
    \nGreed has made people villains - and it's legal
    1. The income/money discussion is a result of American Greed. The richest people have all the money and the middle and lower classes are duking it out just to salvage a respectable life. On that note, there really is no major difference between the middle and lower classes; it's almost the same thing cloaked in different vocabulary. You have the wealthy, the rich - then everyone else standing in line, most of whom will never be “rich.”
    \n2. Speaking of rich, what makes people rich nowadays? A “groundbreaking” social media network? An app on a smart phone? Making videos on YouTube? Many of the ways people looked at the world just 20 years ago is intrinsically different due to how the world has developed. Many things people used to need are no longer needed, and that impacts a sect of society (production) that used to bank - literally - on people buying these goods and making them profit.
    \n3. I think the people are somewhat to blame. Actually, plenty to blame. People are always complaining about the officials who are elected into office, whether as a local councilman or the president. But do those very people realize that they are supporting the very evils they detest? The entire political system is a sham, a giant joke played on the American public and NOBODY SEEMS TO GIVE A FUCK. Why is that? Is the political system too big and too powerful to fail? Perhaps. Or maybe people are too scared to fight a system that big and put their own freedoms on the line. You never see protests anymore in this country; people don't care as much. The average person will say, “I'll go to work, grab a beer after work, go to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow.” It's like a perpetual cycle of rape and self-loathing that has spiraled out of control.
    \nKeep art in education, rather than trying to dispose of it
    In terms of education, I do agree with you on the overblown attitude toward standardized testing. It's kind of humorous that the ACT and SAT determine college entry, along with GPA at what may or may not be a fine institution. I do think standardized testing exists because many schools earn money from the students who perform well, as well as the teachers who taught those same students. I could be wrong on that last point but I thought that was how it worked.
    \nAlso, I constantly see the arts berated on this board and in a lot of other places. I think the arts are integral to society and should not be treated as a throwaway major at a higher institution, and that is only because the jobs don't pay as well as, say, an engineer or a physician. That's obvious, but if the United States once went by the motto of “chasing the American dream” then that same motto should be adhered to when discussing the dreams of the children and even the adults who want to create their own happiness and manufacture their own passions in a positive environment. Frankly, as someone whose life is dictated by art, it's bullshit that the U.S. seemingly wants to put all the eggs into the basket of the science and medical fields, among other professions and subjects that produce high-paying jobs and (tada) great infrastructure for the rest of society. If nobody else benefits on some level beyond aesthetics, then it's probably not worth doing in the government's eyes.
    \nThe Common Man is more apt to promote change than the Man In Power
    I don't see these issues as partisan issues as I see them as societal issues. Of course those in Congress can help cure such ailments in the fabric of our culture, but they choose not to and I wouldn't trust them with a 10-foot pole. Is anyone really surprised that the U.S. is first in the world in military and last in poverty rates? That dichotomy tells the whole story, even if you don't know how or why it happened.
    \nPeople - like you and me - need to change the conversation and focus on what made America great and why it suffers today. That's a pretty good start in my eyes.
    \nWe need a revolution. Not one that contains bludgeoning weapons or mass artillery. No, we need a social revolution where people start asking more questions to get better results. I think we as a nation are at least smart enough to try that.

  2. IMO the solution to pretty much everything in the op.


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  3. End the government start a Renaissance. 
  4. My opinion? With the govt. running our food, our money, our jobs, our personal information, our children's "education", and the media(which is society's "how to be normal" rule book); there won't be any change.

    Commercial production of anything makes the quality suffer and sometimes more dangerous.

    You can't pick and choose which parts of the govt and laws you want to support. Some people live off of welfare and evade their taxes and say that the govt doesn't need their money. I KNOW THESE PEOPLE!! They aren't the brightest.

    Start growing your food, growing your medicine, get solar panels and be totally self sufficient. It's the only way. Period.

    It's the only way.

    I could be wrong, idk ... I do like this conversation.

    I also like the idea of a revolution XD
  5. Agenda 21 dude.

    Your efforts will soon be futile

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    Our system of government is just and read your Constitution, rebellion has serious consequences, not just death.
    There is no need for rebellion, stop being a jackass. How about participate in government and voice your opinion on policy rather than advocate for getting yourself killed or imprisoned. 
  7. Interesting OP. Reeks of Drone ideology. Thats ok though. 
    \nAll those little stats well there up to you to fix not anyone else. Poverty? We spend half the budget on entitlements. 900 billion of the Farm Bill the Senate passed is all Food Stamps. Nothing helps anyone who can not help themselves.  
    \nObesity. First of all its not up to you or anyone else to tell someone not to be fat. Its a really easy solution. Stop stuffing your fucking mouths with food at ever given moment. Easy. You dont eat you lose weight. How fucking simple is that? The Titantic Lard Asses of America can easily loose weight. They choose not to and its there choice. 
    \nEnviromental Performance. Well you know what none of it matters. Anything you do will be undone by China. China actually buys the Coal that the EPA will not allow to be used in the US. China is building 20 coal plants a month. Anything you do will be nullified by them. There do to double in population to by the way. 
    \nThe UN can suck a big fat dick. No one excepts the Drones view them as anything remotely effective. Thats the plain truth. While they shuffle paper around what 90,000 Syrians died. Theres mass famine again in parts of Africa. They sit there in NY and party it up. Shake hands on job well done. Then they give themselves a raise. 
    \nAs for American Poverty. There life is not my fault. Its not my responsibility. All you drones simply do not understand that more then half of this country does not give a rats ass about anyone outside of themselves. Why should I? I should help the welfare sucker? I should hug the food stamp user who eats better then I do? Yea I will get right on that. 
    \n1. Wealth Distribution does not work. God forbid that one day there are no more wealthy people left. I am not one of them but when there gone what do you do? Your problems still won't be solved. Another Drone message. 
    \n2. How someone makes money be it a app or social network is not really your concern. Come up with a idea yourself and make some. Stop squatting on the success of others and generate it yourself. If you cant well once again you dont matter to me. I am not your keeper nor do I desire to ever be. 
    \n3. Nobody gives a fuck and its not your job to make me give a fuck about you. Easy. 
    \nYour issues are definitely partisan and you greatly underestimate that people give a shit about the issues your speaking of. Other peoples failures or there poverty is not another persons concerns. If you feel that it is by all means go live in rented room off Craigslist. Give all your money away, volunteer all of your time to your cause, but please for gods sake stop including everyone into your Drone insanity. 
    \nYou know I am right to because we all truck along and nothing changes. 

    “The solution is as simple as the nose on your face, but it's as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. Stop listening to mainstream media and stop voting for Democrats and Republicans.”
     "I'll tell you right now what I would run on: I would run with no political party and I would give the people of the United States of America the opportunity to elect their first president since George Washington â€“ the father of our country – who does not belong to a political party."

    Former Governor Jesse Ventura for president 2016!!

  9. Our government is not just.

    Your kidding right?

    What happens when the entire government is criminal and there is no one to hold them accountable?

    Violent revolution becomes the ONLY solution

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    Its because the Drones won for a while. Biden made a interesting comment the other day that the new young Senators in the Senate represent a threat because of there age. He revealed the Drone's inner thinking. Thats there goal stay in power for longer then you are alive. Feinstein Drone Queen is a good example. She has been in office so long that I can not even remember or even fathom when she got there as almost my entire life I have seen her Drone Head on tv. 
    Its why the IRS targeted the Tea Party members. There not all bad. I have been to a couple meetings. We never talked about political affilation. It just was candid discussion about much of what goes on here. Then they started to win seats. Drones went on alert. Used IRS on them and if you notice they disappeared for a one knew why now we do. They represent a threat to the Drones. 
    Participate in government and become one of those who i despise? You are a sheep in the highest regard, and I know this just from reading your one post.
    I understand your points, but just because something is a trend does not mean the trend needs to continue. For example, how many elitist golf courses could be revamped to hold public housing? Something becomes a trend and the "average" lifestyle when others decide it is acceptable. This country has many problems and the class structure system is arguably the biggest.
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    Who cares? I know the Drones like yourself wish to take from them to give to the clueless, useless, sick, lame and lazy but they bought the land in a private transaction and built a golf course in accordance with whatever laws in that area require. 
    You want to house your precious retards go out to the deserts of Arizona or Nevada. You will find land as far as the eye can see for hours without a soul. You can gather them all there and live in the utopia you dream of. Everyone gives, hugs and does the care bear stare. You can buy land out there for so cheap its silly. 
    I for one will hope a Astroid comes in and wipes all you from the gene pool. It has to be a genetic condition that creates this sickening disease that desires to punish the winners, the water carriers, the ones who did what there supposed to in life then turn around and give it to the lowest common dominator in life.
    Half the US Federal Budget goes to them. 75% of the 900 billion dollar Farm Bill that was just passed goes to Food Stamps over 10 years. 
    You see my friends in there twisted world 675 billion dollars in Food Stamps for unproductive sacks of human flesh apparently is not enough. Would 1 trillion be good enough? How much fucking food do the Drones eat? It must be a amazing event. Please link me the youtube video when you attend some of there Food Stamp cook offs. 
    They make you feel guilty about your success while they achieve nothing in life. They then fool you that we do nothing as a nation. 75% of 900 billion ponder that. Thats more then half the worlds GDP combined for many years. Its never enough for the Drones. Whats yours is theres and whats theres is theres. 
    In there eyes you should be destitute, starving and never seek self reliance. That way they can feel good by giving you someone else's hard earned money. 
    No thanks and no more. As hard as you may champion your immoral struggle we will fight it and enjoy 18 holes of golf after the battle. 
    What color is the sky in your world?
  15. What color is the sky in your world?
    Blue. He is mostly right

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    I can't take seriously someone who doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their." Right on some parts, but calling me a drone and wanting asteroids to knock out certain people based on hatred and dislike? Laughable.
  17. I can't take seriously someone who doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their."
    </blockquote>Fallacy. Irrelevent. Does not discredit speaker. Im so sick of these arguments where grammar is discredit entire posts...

    Like really dude? Your going to resort to that?

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote' >
    Right on some parts, but calling me a drone and wanting asteroids to knock out certain people based on hatred and dislike? Laughable.
    </blockquote>I agree with this
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    Thats what America has become. NSA spies on its citizens and our leader gives us a 5 min speech and tells us its ok go away now. IRS investigating and auditing people on political beliefs and that stupid idiot tells us "bad customer service" was at fault. Thats literally what he said. Drones Sheep all the same. People who subscribe to notions that clearly fail. People who never know when enough is enough. 
    That farm bill I quoted is but one program...a billion other's exists...and look at the results. Your social engineering of the US Federal Government has not improved one aspect of the quality of anyone's life. In fact its diminished it. 1.2 trillion a year we over spend...mostly on social programs.
    Then you use the that private property which is a corner stone of our country...the right to own it that is and want to make someone feel bad that even though all over the nation there are subsided housing that we should give it up. Please let them come to my house I have a nice array of weapons to stop the retasking of my property into public housing.
    Thats hatred buddy. You and all of you like minded people using that notion to make people feel bad. The greatest sum of money that ever has been wasted has been spent over the years on for the most part people who never seek anything in life. What am I supposed to do hand you my credit cards to?
    No thanks to that. The time is coming soon. We will correct all of this and make things right. 
    Who are you to say who is and who is not seeking a good life? And anyway, a "good life" is subjective. Each person does not live the same as the next person, so I don't see where your argument lies. If you are talking about fundamental ills of society, obviously there are too many to dissect. It takes baby steps to reach a more comprehensive state, but over 200 years into our history and history has repeated itself -- especially from the dawn of the 20th century until now.
    Your mindset is so narrow; it's appalling in a way. Yeah, give credit cards to homeless people -- because that is exactly what I am trying to say... no, it starts with education and instilling a good set of values upon inception. If a kid has a baby daddy that bolted when he was two years old and his mother was a crack addict, how do you think he will turn out? Different people have different circumstances. Just like a trust fund kid who doesn't know a life beyond country clubs and ivy league schooling.
    I encourage you to expand your horizons and look at life through other peoples' eyes.
    I have lived at all points of the totem pole and back again. Never was born with anything. Everything I have earned. I never asked for anything from anyone. That concept is alien I know especially in BO's America. 
    I do not need to expand anything. I see the results. I see a Federal Government broke. I see virtually every state broke. I see every city virtually broke. Look into there books nearly all of it is insane benefits that exceed in value any work given and in most cases never even contributed to. My vision is just fine. 
    That crack baby is not my responsibility. Thats why we have people like you to bleed for them. Have you adopted one yet...or are you one of those that tell me to feel bad but never do anything themselves? Thats the great part of that mindset I find. So easy to dictate but never do they do. They use arguments like that to continue to waste spend and nothing helps it because they can't admit that usually it never was worth saving or helping. 
    I don't feel bad for something I did not cause. I never will either. 
    Its funny you say from the dawn of the 20th Century to today. Thats when most of our problems started. Then greatly accelerated towards the last half. Then now we enter the age of it being sucked dry and nothing more go give. 

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