The United States Legalization of Marijuana

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  1. Steps to the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States:

    1. Get a Representative
    2. Contact Legislative Branch
    3. Write up a Proposal
    4. Donations
    5. Airtime on a Nation Wide News Station
    6. Proposition
    7. Votes
    8. Legalized

    Anyone got hook ups?
  2. How true.

    A few problems - trade agreements with other countries..

    I think the quickest way to go about legally legilizing would be to do what was introduced by Justice Louis Brandeis, who said "a single courageous state may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory."

    So one of two ways I see having that done: pick a small state and either have all the stoners for this cause in the US moves to that state, or convince all current residence that that would be a good thing.

    A good reason for this labratory study would be for the current energy crisis. Hemp would fix the worlds fuel issues through bio diesel, and clean the air while its doing it. not to mention to "save the trees" and our time by harvesting hemp for tree products. you can get atleast 3x the amount of paper products from hemp. that is to say, for every acre of hemp you plant, you are saving 3 to 4 acres of trees. This would not cause food shortages from land being taken over to grow hemp as aposed to food because hemp will grow anywhere. It would also save money on road work for the state who legalizes and has soil issues (for example Los Angles when they have mud slides houses come down, or in northern callifornia where they have an issue with mud slides due to saturation of the soil on the mountains).
  3. I want to become a Politician just so i can support marijuana. Since nobody will. They are all so in the cookie jar and will never actually stand up for anyone's rights. expect for the big corps and who ever will give them cash and power.

  4. You don't have to be a politician, the citizens are the ones with the power. This is only if they are willing to get up and stand for what they believe what is right. We need someone to act as a representative for the Legalization of Marijuana. What state would someone suggest there are the most pot smokers?
  5. NORML?? MPP?? They have a lot of organization to their efforts, as well as large budgets to work with.
  6. I think California would be the perfect state to test legalization on. We are the most diverse state in terms of culture/ethnicity and geography.
  7. I think we would run into the an issue size and variety of demographics in CALI. With a smaller state it would be easier to get the word out and let the people know whats going on.. seriously though, a bunch of pot heads should just take over a small state to push legislation through. We could create our own political party representing what we can agree on as stoners.. if nothing else the right to pay taxes on buds.

    Fundraisers could be fun.. concerts with pro legalization figures entertaining. Comedians like cheech and chong, bands like KMK, Cypress, and what not.

    There is some good stuff that could come of this! all we need to do is organize and find a solid representative to support. obviously our party wouldn't have a chance in a presidential election (yet) however, if we took over a state we could have local and state representation, which is a good start.

    Some suggest a million man march, however i think petitions with signatures mean alot more than a head count. also, what better way to get our messages out than through people who are attracted to the same entertainment as us? educate them so they can educate others.. word spreads like wild fire.. we just need to ORGANIZE!

    Thats what i think anyway.

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