The Union - The Business Behind Getting High

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    This movie is amazing. It shows why decriminalization and the Legalization Cannabis is so right. Any body who tells you other wise, show them this documentary.

    Watch it here: [ame=""]The Union: The business behind getting high.@@AMEPARAM@@player.setPostsId(1362521);player.setUsersId(265638);player.setUsersLogin("Zebb")@@AMEPARAM@@1362521@@AMEPARAM@@Zebb[/ame]

    Sorry if this is a repost but I havnt found any posts on the actual movie, only the trailer. This is the actual movie.

    Happy watching :smoke:

    I am very big into the activism of Cannabis due in part because right now i am serving a term on 2 years drug court probation in which I have to go to the court house very day to be breathalyzed and drug tested and I have to go to AA 3 times a week (use to be 5 times a week) and I have to go to counseling. All this because I was arrested for HALF OF A GRAM OF WEED!!!! It was actualy a packed bowl. Cannabis prohibition its hard and it has hit my life hard. I give alot of respect to this film maker and all of you people out there fighting for the decriminalization of cannabis. god bless you all. All ready I have been jailed for 2 probation violations, one of which is because I could submit a urine sample in time. Now I have to go to court for that and im about to go to jail on that court date.
  2. hey. i found this a few weeks ago on youtube. of the few documentaries ive seen on the subject, this one was by far my favorite. i thought it was very, very well done from start to finish, and i have been recommending it to everyone i know.

    fantastic work brett harvey and crew.

    youtube link if interested

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Truth about Marijuana Part 1[/ame]
    its in like 10 parts or something
  3. That was an awesome video that should be mandatory for every american to watch. It really exploits how corrupt and full of shit our government is. Marijuana prohibition and drug prohibition in general is a joke. All I know is that WE will be laughing last at how completely stupid people are for supporting this war.:wave:
  4. We need to get that on national television. It was the best documentary I've ever seen for sure.
  5. Fuck that there should be a "channel 420" that just LOOPS the damn movie until everybody in America can seem to get the facts through their THICK SKULLS!
  6. plastered it all over myspace and facebook!!

    great movie!
  7. Dude thank-you so much for enlightening me with the exsistance of this movie. It really sucks to hear about your current situation when knowing up here in canada, I can get busted with over a quarter and only have it confiscated. When all your court shit is over and done with hop the border and get your green card man, we'll smoke a joint while walking down the street :)
  8. MIdopeman - where the hell were you arrested for .5 gr and got all that legal trouble????
  9. Im in Michigan. Ottowa county to be exact and the laws here are strict! Or rather the prosecutors are just harsh. There putting me threw so much shit over so little! Im sick of it! When I get threw probation im either moviing to Cali, Mass, or Vancuver,CA!

    The county I live in is known for being so harsh on drugs, but yet theres still so much drugs. You should see how much the tax payers here fork out each year for our fucking lousy ass courts!

  10. Man thats rough, i got caught in Grand Rapids with 20gs of cali and all i got was a year probo.
  11. best marijuana doc EVER!!!! yea, there are other posts about it, but i think that people need to get informed...this documentary is fuckin bad ass... :D
  12. Yeah Kent county is a little bit more lenient. Prolly because they know they couldnt afford to put everybody of probation and drug court for Mj cause of the major population GR has. Ottawoa will spend all they have on the courts. Its stupid. Its no wonder why schools in this county dont have any money, especialy holland. Im in holland and our schools are so poor b/c all of the money is spent on law enforsment. Holand is considered to be the 4th safest city in the whole US but yet we are one of the porrest school districts around. Makes me want to puke.
  13. I seen a post a while back with the video, but it doesn't matter. The more people who see this movie and spread the real truth about MJ, the better.

    I watched this movie on youtube about a month ago after hearing it being referenced on here so many times. Thanks for posting it up.

    +rep for helping spread the truth.

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