the ultimate trippy game

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. smoke a bud (or two), unzip this and play. better yet, drop some acid or munch some shrooms.

    a word of advice though... Don't ever change the background colour as all other options are crap and once u click on it u cannot get it back to black. but play around with the other vizualisation settings. my favourite is gotta be fluid. not to easy to play but looks amazing.

    it makes a great screen saver too.

    -----------but i cant upload it-------------

    aaaaaaaaaaargh! need help. how can i attach a zip file to my post?!?!? how about if i email it to someone then they can upload it somewhere for people to download....

    u guys gotta play this u just gotta!
  2. Send it over my way, (, or Icq- 66179002) and I'll host it for downloads, if you want.
    I'm as interested as everyone else to see what this game is.. I wanna see I wanna see!! >:)
  3. Or is this the game Digit. =)?

  4. tried sending to everyone, ended up just sending to glenn... hopefully he'll upload it somewhere. its a real trip when you're totally zoned.

    every now and again i pump up the triangle rate to 19.9% chance and just blast around with zapsheild, fast, radiate, shells, ans spray.... or whatever i happen to pick up.

    just found out something cool yesterday. u can play with 8 ships on the one control... a bit mental. u don't really know what's going on but it still looks cool. :D
  5. shit.

    i don't think i can post it.
  6. where did you get it there a site or anything?
  7. Well for the love of god.... someone please post it!!! I am having a horrible day and would love to have a diversion from my thoughts for a while.... Since I am at WORK (dirty word), I have no smoke..... grrrrrr


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