the ultimate stash idea..

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. .... at least i hope it is, cuz i jus thought of it

    alright, if i'm indeed correct in what i think, this will be especially useful for those of you who ever "transport" 1+2oz's of weed at a time, since its a lil bit tougher to stash 2 big bags of weed in your car or on yourself..

    anyways, get one of those padded envelopes, and mail it to yourself from a false return address... open it up so it dont get fucked up anywhere thats visible, and then cut the glue part off some other envelope and glue the back of it to the part that used to be sticky on your other envelope, and glue some kind of somewaht stiff cardboar to the inside of it..stash your shit in this (bud,scale, large sum of illegal looking money, pipe)..whenever your driving, and in the event that your gettin pulled over you could either risk licking it n possibly bein seein, which if you jus put your head down n lick real quick you can probably pull it off, or having it already licked and sealed, and in the event that your car gets searched, i figure as long as they dont find any other probable cause, they shouldnt legally be allowed to open your mail to search it, because thats a federal matter, n if they do open it up, you arent necessarily guilty because theres no proof that you shipped it to yourself, you'd have to have the stampage equal to whatever amount of weight your shit all together weighs, but hopefully the cops just wouldnt be able to open your shit
  2. That's a good way but this has been posted here before, still a good idea though.
  3. for real? damn guess someone thought of it before i did then, haha at least i felt creative for a little bit
  4. Nah, dude if you thought about it all by yourself, you have the right to feel creative, thats a damn good way, but the guy who posted it, did like a month ago, so you're not far behind. :p

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