The Ultimate conspiracy Theory.

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  1. OK i'm baked and i KNOW this is true, i came up with this high and it just makes so much sense.

    Cats are female dogs dogs come in two different types one's with junk and one's without since cats are such bitches sometimes the dogs have to sometimes breed within there sex there fore making more dogs.

    Cats are just female dogs some with very small junk and some without since dogs are so cool and to cool for cats the cats don't stand a chance so they have to breed within there sex as well.

  2. i'm not sure what lions are though hmmm
  3. this does not make sense
  4. im hiiiiighly confused brah lol
  5. Yeh the illuminati want you to be confused
  6. i doubt i could care any less.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. so cats are female dogs? without junk? *leaves pointless thread*
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    Half the time you sound absolutely retarded.

    Not really high retarded, special ed herp derp retarded.

  10. Prove me wrong man
  11. Ill have what he's having

  12. what about dogs with no junk, as in female dogs. are they cats? and cats with junk are actgually dogs?
    something doesnt add up

  13. Nah there just dogs with no penises like i said a different type of dog there still male because if they were female they would be cats, and cats with no junk are just cats man still female
  14. skunk, your trippin again!!!

  15. but they have vaginas. so there are male dogs with vaginas? sounds...intersting, i think? idk what to think

  16. Yeh there male dogs with vaginas sexual orgins dont matter they either look like a cat or look like a dog.
  17. im diggin it mann!. again sorry for your friend too bro..
  18. I like you man and your crazy tits brain

  19. Thanks dude :p

  20. youre fucking hilarious man. too funny hahahhhahahahhhahahahahahha

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