The UK´s Crippled Cannabis Crusader needs OUR support now!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Digit, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. {as posted by cannabinol on overgrow}

    The UK´s Crippled Cannabis Crusader needs OUR support now!

    CHRIS Baldwin, a good and trustworthy friend of ours, and the man behind two coffeeshops in Worthing, Sussex, UK, has been convicted to six months for having these coffeeshops open, to cut a long and beautiful story short.

    Chris was the best student in our Coffeeshop College, and opened a coffeeshop on his return to the UK.
    Chris is mediweed patient, in a wheelchair, who fearlessly stood up for his fellow patients for years, supplying hundreds of people in pain and distress with cannabis, the only medicine that works for them.

    Please do respond to the following request of his fellow Warriors, and send Chris a letter or post card, overmail the prison!!

    Nol van Schaik.

    send him some support his prison address is in above postings.

    print and post the above picture to him too, so it is circulated and put it online everywhere to spread it around.

    tell a freind :!:get involved he, has for us all

    love to learn learn to love.

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    euro mail protest for imprisonment of cannabis cripple u.k

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    Author Message
    getting into high spirits

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    Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 11:48 am Post subject: euro mail protest for imprisonment of cannabis cripple u.k


    greeting fellow liberators ,pioneers, good buddies and cannabis lovers and patients,

    r.e direct action for chris baldwin, a u.k suffering and crippled cannabis politician who has been incarcerated for providing healing to u.k sufferers through cannabis cafe

    could we all send in shade leaf into prison in empty envelopes to chris baldwin as protest, and as an act of national cival disobiedience and in esscence attempt to mass supply chris b cannabis in prison, it will be intercepted!! hence not buds, but it will drain the resources of those who have to open and censor prison mail and further show them the futility of thir penal actions, and predjudices against sufferers who rely on thc to relieve crippling conditions such as chris has

    below is the newspaper article related to his conviction


    A disabled pro-cannabis campaigner has been jailed for six months after opening a Dutch-style coffee shop.

    Protestors wept and shouted:"You're sending a cripple to jail" when Chris Baldwin, 53, of Carnegie Close, Worthing, was imprisoned for his involvement in the notorious Quantum Leaf cafe in Rowlands Road, Worthing.

    Police had to clear Chichester Crown Court when some of the 30-strong group refused to leave the public gallery.

    During a series of police raids in November 2002, officers stormed the cafe, set in a back room of a smoking accessory shop called Bongchuffa. Officers found and estimated £2000 worth of cannabis plus more than £4000 in cash.

    At yesterday's hearing, Judge John Sessions accepted Baldwin has opened the cafe as a political statement to encourage the Government to legalise the soon-to-be reclassified class B drug, and to provide free cannabis or people with painful health conditions.

    Peter Woodall, in mitigation, said further cannabis possession offences were due to Baldwin suffering from spastic paraplegia since the age of seven.

    The campaigner, who stood for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) in the 1997 General Election, used marijuana to alleviate his consequent leg spasms.

    Former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Superintendent, Edward Ellison, who served in the drug squad for seven years and had met Baldwin at LCA marches, spoke as a character witness.

    However, the judge said ignoring Baldwin's two previous suspended sentences for other drug offences would make a "mockery of the law".

    He said," With considerable reluctance, I have no alternative to a custodial sentence, which I have reduced to take into account the impending reclassification of sentencing."

    Baldwin had pleaded guilty to allowing cannabis to be used at a property, possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession of cannabis.

    Before the hearing, he said," I'd written hundreds of letters to the Home Office, went to every pro cannabis rally, march and meeting, and lobbied Parliament. I felt a coffee shop was at the sharp end of the political campaign."

    Mark Benson, 37, of Irene Avenue, Lancing, who worked at the Bongchuffa shop, pleaded guilty to permitting cannabis to be used in the premises and cultivating cannabis plants. He was given a four month curfew order.

    Winston Matthews, 47, of Court Lodge Road, Horley, was given a suspended four month jail term after he admitted possession of cannabis with intent to supply, supplying cannabis, possession and cultivation of cannabis.

    best wishes and never give in!!!!

    mr j
    you know it makes sensi

    write to:
    Mr Chris Baldwin
    HMP High Down
    High Down Lane
    SM2 5PJ

    with only shade leaf in it and please dont put a return to sender you may get caught

    for more info on u.k activist scene and action (direct) contact
    you know it makes sensi

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    Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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    Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 12:36 pm Post subject:


    sorry i dont have access to herb at present (soon), but i wll be sending some mail to him
    God Bless your work
    lorcan (rev.)

    Please Sign:

    watch my site develop.....

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    Full member

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    Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 3:19 pm Post subject:


    Update regarding this : the LCA are still deciding whether it would be better to send shade leaves direct to Blair & Blunkett, with a note bearing the word "medicine", as it is felt this may serve more purpose & also won't get Chris in trouble. But please send messages of support to Chris at the Prison address.

    Also I just got another email regarding Chris
    > Chris Balwin on hunger strike in HMP High Down, Sutton
    > Surrey.
    > I have received a phone call from Trev. [Chris's Carrer] and Sarah Chalk
    > they are very angry.
    > Chris has only been given a vegan meal for the first time today. [Sunday]
    > From what I understand, he didn't like the taste and was offered no
    > alternative.
    > Chris has now said that he is going on hunger strike, apparently refusing
    > ALL food and water.
    > ****Please forward this message to any news list/forums you are subscribed
    > ****Please print our the attach and send it to Chris with a message of
    > support - and enclose some stamps if you are minded.
    > ***Chris has no cash and no more credit on his phone card and is unlikely
    > get a visit until Wednesday -" nod wink" !
    > Mr Chris Baldwin
    > HMP High Down
    > High Down Lane
    > Sutton
    > Surrey
    > SM2 5PJ
    > 02087226300
    > 02087 226301
    > I did call the prison to be told that the Human right law stopped them
    > talking to me - I asked them to ask Chris for his authority and was told
    > they could not do this.
    > Will keep you informed
    > Press Office
    > Legalise Cannabis Alliance
    > PO Box 198, Norwich,
    > NR3 3WB
    > Tel: 07984 255015

    I realise most folks here are outside the UK, but I'm sure Chris would appreciate any messages of support. I intend to write letters to UK newspapers to help publicise the injustice of a sick man persecuted for his desire to provide others with a truly effective medicine. If anyone else is of a letter-writing bent, perhaps letters to newspapers in other countries may serve to highlight the global injustices faced by the sick...
    you know it makes sensi

    Here is the latest from Chris, sent to me by the Legalis Cannabis Alliance:

    This is the latest, from the Cannabis Legalise Alliance:

    Chris says" Thank all the supporters and for all the letters and support
    from all over the world. PLEASE DO NOT RING THE PRISON. Don't worry as he's
    fine saying ....Its harder than you think.....,and he's buckling to the
    system. The hunger strike is over, and he's wafting drinking now (no
    decafe),he's on liquid Valium at night time, and he's giving up cannabis
    whilst in prison so that he gets out quicker, He's keeping nose clean till
    then, and then theres on BIG PARTY when he comes out"

    Big up for Chris, The Cripple Cannabis Crusader!!!
  2. You got it Digit. Even though I don't live in the UK, I'll send out a letter today!

    By the way, how much postage do you think I need to send a letter to the UK? Is it only one stamp?
  3. :) :)

    yay. thats what i like to see... global activism. i scratch your back, you scratch ours, everyone scratches everyone elses back.

    i've no idea how much stampage it would be, could you not ask at the postal services?

    i've got a couple dozen envelopes addressed.... whadya think... send one a day? or loads more in a shorter burst?
  4. I bet they only give him mail like once a week or something. Maybe send a letter every other day or something. I was only in jail for a couple hours, and it was plenty scary for me. Being in jail for months at a time must be much much worse. Any kind of a brush with the law makes you feel scared and alone...I'm sure the most important thing is that he knows he's not alone and that somebody cares about him and the cause he stands for.
  5. so let me get it right, they want us to send him some leaves to piss off the wardens?..........if so.......i'll send some next grow as i've not got one on the go at the moment.........Peace out........Sid
  6. :D

    it does sound appealing doesnt it sid? ;)

    i'm just sending some* letters. no ilegal substances.

    * i really mean LOADS.

    hehe.. infact.. i might as well show yas what i'm sendin:

    Letter to Chris Baldwin

    To whoever intercepts this letter,
    Dear Prison Staff,
    If All fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as the deforestation of trees for paper and agriculture are banned from use in order to save the planet, protect the ozone layer and reverse the green house effect: Then there is only one known renewable natural resource able to provide the overall majority of our paper, textile and food, meet all the world's transportation, home and industrial needs, reduce pollution, rebuild the soil and clean the atmosphere - all at the same time - our old stand-by that did it all before: Cannabis Hemp.... Marijuana
    *Contact H.E.M.P. for details

    In addition to this, in the UK alone, the legalisation of cannabis could annually save the economy over £2,000,000,000 just from NHS spending alone! Consider this every day, when you carry out your jobs and also when you next vote in elections.

    Dear Chris,
    My thoughts are with you and as someone else in need of access to the king of medical herbs, I am MOST appreciative of your efforts to push forward some sanity to our backwards harmful laws. Many great men have spent time in prison, you are one such great man. Do what you must to keep you spirits up, and I know they'll be throwing you a great big party down there upon your release. Best wishes,

    (Another concerned citizen and Internet activist.)
    “Time flies when you're not in pain or prison.” – Nol Van Schaik

    (aw... it lost all my groovy formattin.. oh well.)
  7. hey digit ...i am digging all this shit you are onto ...

    and i am preaching to eveyone i meat in the world our mesage ...

    i have been planing on makeing up some pro-pot flyers and putting them up all over town....

    fuck it i live in a big town....

    4 million people or so

    what other things can we do to rais awareness on the street level?
  8. :) happy to hear it dingus.

    street level.... thats something i spend alot of time thinking about but not much time coming up with any good ideas, and even less acting on it.

    i mean... if you go for the obvious...flyer campaigns... how many people will take it? and then how many of those who do throw it away almost imediatly?

    i'm solid on the internet activism, because i feel it has the potential to reach far more people. like if i were to tell you about this site here.... ... that will stay up there for ages, and it only took 3 seconds to post. how many people could potentially see that? compair that to the actual physical activity of getting the word out there... sorry, i dont mean to sound such a pessimist.. i've just not yet found a truely effective way of reaching people. ya cant just walk around with a microphone and sandwich board.... well.. you can... but we've all seen those guys and what do we all think? "NUTTER!" lol.

    but like you say... just keep on telling as many people as you can, and that basically means everyone you have contact with, starting with family, friends, workmates and colleuges (fukd if i kno how to spell that), even clients/customers! and that last one is really good, cos if u manage to spark just enough interest in one person, you never know, it might be enough for them to start spreading the word in a completely different social circle.

    and my advise to everyone....

    try not to sound like me, and be all "preachy" (especially if you're being preachy with a bitter slant) it doesnt help. i just cant help myself. hehe.
    ...DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO! lololoolol :D said the libertarian lefty. hehehe.

    woops, tangent after tangent, and i now get back to what i was gonna write after the first paragraph but now seems it wouldnt fit anywhere, lol.

    Geurilla advertising.
    handing out flyers doesnt work and is time consuming.
    so get with the espionage infomercial. lol. try to keep things eye catching and sensationalist from a distance, and remember everyone else who advertises tries this to an extent too, so yours need to be better and bolder. keep to places where people are likely to see it... and better yet, where people will see it, yet no one else has any advertising. this helps your message stand out way better.

    i dont particularly like this kind of tactic, but stronger action needs to be taken than everyone just sitting around saying things like "if we all just stood up together..." and "when our generation are in power it'll be different"... we're not ever gonna get so coordinated that we stand up together! We're stoners! when our generation get into power it will be the same type of power hungry assholes who are in power now, it was true of the original hippy generation and its true now. time we each took our own little slice of responsability and started ACTING for our freedom. look at dingusus' example people, look at sad panda... cmon... you can do your part too!

    see what i mean? "preachy". lol. doh.
  9. I agree with Digit, though. How you speak to people who are already inclined to join your cause and how you speak to people who are not so inclined is completely different. Don't start with the government propoganda/conspiracy theory/why not? angle. Start with the big guns, that even people who are against recreational smoking will have to agree with.

    Here's about the order you should mention things:

    1) Industrial hemp, which has neligible amounts of THC, is easier and faster to grow, and is much stronger and more durable than cotton.
    2) Medicinal marijuana. Sometimes the only thing keeping a sick patient being able to swallow food to survive is smoking mary jane -- for many people, all of the perscription drugs out there don't do a goddamn thing.
    3) Amount of money the government spends throwing people in jail as opposed to treating small amounts as a civil offense. Also mention the NUMBER of people in jail for this.
    4) Pot is less dangerous than alcohol, nicotine, advil, and most prescription drugs. (mention that not a SINGLE person has ever died from pot use alone).
    5) Then you can start talking about "Why the fuck is the government stopping us from getting high? Marijuana is a wonderful plant, etc. etc." in other words, the argument stoners have with each other when they're bitching about the laws.

    Maybe somewhere in there you can mention the atmosphere the 1937 prohibition law was created under. Don't know where that would go. The point is, start with the strongest and least controversial arguments FIRST so the person doesn't just tune you out as "another stupid stoner nutjob".
  10. ok listening ...

    but follow me on my flyer idea

    we have lots and lots of traffic

    and every where you go there are telephone poles...

    wodden ones filled with staples of long gone yard sale flyers....

    bvery visable ...everyone will see them

    simple short one idea per flyer statements

    three or fore words

    on bright colored paper?

    i know thousands of people will read them ....

    and i dont see me acctualy handing them out ....fuck that i ant no krishna

    but i definitly talk to every body i meat!
  11. :D

    phew. right, glad that idea is past us. sorry for misinterpreting you first time round and mixing two ideas as one.

    very well said panda, about the order to mention things in.

    i've tried many times to stay only on stage one (which is where i think the origins of prohibition should be mentioned) just to get people to completely warm to the idea and respect cannabis for all its great potential worth to the planet, because after all, that fist and least contraversial of areas, is also the aspect that could (should) change our world the most. there is almost not one area of industry that gets left untouched. Industry (and that one word encompases a awful lot), Industry would be turned upside down as we know it. no longer would industry be considered something dirty and polutant, but something that not only provides us with our needs, but also helps out the planet and environment too.

    the only reason i dont get very far with this is that i feel too passionately about it, and do end up sounding preachy.

    so, any minor addaptions each individual would want to put on it, i think sad panda has ilustrated very well the order in which to bring stuff up, perhaps not even mentioning the next level until the first is accepted. and also, lets face it... that first area is also the least known about. how many people do you know, toker or not, who knows that cannabis can be used to produce clothing comparable to that of cotton and fabrics even more hard wearing upto the likes of your Nylon Seatbelts, rope (ok, most people know that tip of the iceberg), building/construction materials that could be used to build your house from or a bridge etc, bioplastics of varying qualities all comparable to that which can be made from the chemical processes used on crude oil and also for example carbon fibre like material to make the body work on a car, or the casings for any number of houshold gadgets from tvs to hand whisks, wood alternatives, even steel alternatives in some instances, Fuels for both the home/workplace and all our transportation needs, all paper at 4 times the efficiencey of forestry and without the need for special bleeching processes, ...... did i miss anything out? missed plenty i'm sure. then theres understanding all that it can do, but also pointing out how how it does these things better than the alternatives we're using today.

    oh, and i've just realised.... between (1)industrial and (2)medical, there almost certainly should be quite a little time devoted to how wonderfull a foodstuff it is, regardless of THC content or not.
    reeeeeemarkable how perfect a foodstuff for humans is cannabis. no wonder even rational scietist types believe it to be one of the closest symbiotic relationships we have in nature. Cannabis, Mans best friend... and thats not just a stoner's placard slogan for a jay day march. I've had BioEngineers explain it to me in detail, it goes even beyond the deal with the right protiens and amino acids in the exact optimum proportions humans need to best survive, theres all manner of clever little nuances to it.

    dingus... fliers... its a great idea, and much needed. if at the very least just to increase the number of people talking about it. even just a conversation from some conservative christian that starts like "those damn hippies have been putting up signs for drugs again", at least its being spoken about, keeping it upfront in the public mind... like those evil advertising and marketing bods say "theres no such thing as bad publicity"... but what do they know really, did they not study propaganda when on their toy degrees? hehe.
    perhaps the main reason i have failed to do such a campaign already (or one of any significant size) is i feel i cannot possably make any flier live upto my high standards. how could one possable make such a flier that would just impact on people and yet still convey even the tiniest fraction of the reasoning behind the absolute necessity of cannabis. information overload is our problem.

    anyways... to add to the flier idea....
    a few more words on possitioning...

    perhaps the best places are where you know people will be stopped instead of whizzing past.
    so this would include places like:

    stop signs and traffic lights.

    toll booths


    counters and reception desks

    waiting rooms


    of course, the types of fliers for these could all vary depending on the need. for example i suggest, "business cards" for reception desks and huge posters for near stop signs.

    and also, i dont think i need tell you the danger of putting some of this stuff up in public places, privately owned public places at that. so caution and stealth is advised. that warning really only goes out to you americans... theres less curtailing of free speach here in the uk... ie Asda are unlikely to set the cops on your ass for putting up a poster with a political message, but Walmart just might.

    This is good stuff we've got going on here... i didnt expect this thread to turn into a think tank, but am really really glad it has. something else to thank chris baldwin for. :D

    i'll try to collect some of my pro pot type pictures together for you and post them in a thread here in L&A. *slaps forehead* why had i not thought of that already!?!?! doh.

    gah, theres always some typo in these long posts hammered out at near max speed my fingers can go that changes the meaning... such as loosing the F from fliers. doh! lol
  12. yeah i am thinking of putting different sayings on each pole....for 5 or 6 poles from each light

    in each direction

    ya know

    get noticed

    of corse we would have to be covert...

    i supose

    but you know simple short statments....

    and i want to put in alot of them that simply say ....

    what do YOU think?

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