The truth behind clear concentrates

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by weedyboy2000, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. If you are familiar with clear concentrates and other brands like it you will know they keep their recipe secret, and i have searched long and far on the internet till i found a link of them explaining a process that is solvent less and also can be rented out (the patent) so i think these brands have just bought the patent and started making it themselves this is a link to the pdf, it took a while to load for me but i have bad internet
    so pretty much it sounds very difficult, or maybe not? I'm pretty sure they would tell us how its made if a normal human couldn't get their hands on it, thats why co2 extractions were so open about it and hopefully these solvent less extractions should be leaked soon

  2. You're overthinking this. From the photos Clear/x-tracted posts on instagram it's pretty evident they use a rotovap setup for some kind of steam or fractional distillation. The "dragonball" photos they post are shots showing the bottom of the boiling flasks the distillate gathers in; See the rotovap here. Then they add back food grade terpenes to make it taste like whatever strain they want.

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