The TRUTH about Apple!

Discussion in 'General' started by oldskoolgrower, Feb 22, 2009.

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  2. 129$ for an upgrade betta come with a high level prostitute givin' out a nice blowjob, damn Apple
  3. Haha thats great!
  4. The only thing apple was ever good for was oregon trail back in the dayyyyyyy
  5. Apple is overpriced and overrated to the max!
  6. Apple does rip you off with their upgrades but you can by the parts from a third party for 1/3 the price.
  7. It was a joke...about the fact that they charge for tiny little incremental updates to OS X :rolleyes:
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    I don't trust you APPLE!!!!
  9. "Ill buy anything shiny and made by Apple."
    The Onion News.

    I hate Apple, and the community that they have made.

  10. I don't hate Apple or the rabid fanbois. The former is just another corporation that makes some pretty decent gear like many others, nothing special and somewhat overpriced. The latter are amusing to no end with their need to boost their self esteem by having the latest overpriced toy.
  11. sexxy ass old man that posts way too much. How the FUCK do you have almost 10k posts already?!
  12. Because I work from home and now I'm not even doing that really. I don't consider writing books to be work, unlike my recently departed career as a corporate consultant :D
  13. You writing a book about growing reefer and apples corruption?
  14. :laughing:

    No. I have 2 novels pending publication and one non-fiction. No growing books yet; perhaps once it's legalized.
  15. I don't hate Apple, but some people will blindly buy anything they make, its pretty damn stupid.
  16. Yeah and he has the best home grown around. Props to OSG.
  17. Why all the people hating on apple? I fucking love apple, and I fucking love my powerbook. i needed a powerbook to do the things with music editing i needed to do. a shitty apple computer is faster than a good windows pc.

    people hate on apple without knowing anything about it. it's the same as the people who hate on fox news but watch CNN, then call someone else a drone, sheep, or fanboi.


    But, the picture in the OP is a funny one.
  18. lol

    i like apple though. they make quality stuff

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