The true way to get it legalized

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by mellowyellow420, May 21, 2010.

  1. I think that if you really are devoted to getting it legalized there is only one way to really do it.
    This is an idea that ive heard said a couple times but never in any seriousness. If someone was truly dedicated they could get several thousand marijuana seeds and travel across the country just planting them in every forest. If this was done over several years weed could be growing everywhere. If done correctly then weed could never be erradicated from america and the government would be forced to legalize it.

  2. "..and the government would be forced to legalize"

    Unfortunately I believe that's an inaccurate assumption. Every year the DEA rips out millions of ditchweed plants. This provides great employment for dea agents but does *nothing* to "force the government to legalize". Sorry.
  3. If you just throw seeds everywhere no one maintains the plant I'm not sure how succesful you are going to be.

    I believe the true way to legalize cannabis is through patience. It will be legalized, there is not a single doubt in my mind. The government cannot lie to the public about marijuana forever, and when our society finally has the want to learn, it will be decriminalized.
  4. When i was first getting into smoking I realized how great it actually was and how wrong all the information I had on it was. I was convinced that truth would prevail and that we would have legalization. Lately though I've been losing faith in humanity. The media controls a significant number of people out there. It is sickening to see how blind most are to this issue and it's largely due to the way the media portrays it.

    Marijuana truly helped me and can help me but people don't care about that. People just want to be "right" and they don't have any individualistic set of moral principles. Everyone just jumps on the band wagon that looks like is going to win the race. This became even more evident to me when I saw the ABC debate between the guy from the Heritage Foundation and Mr. St. Peirre. Anyone notice how St. Pierre was playing the mass consensus more than directly attacking Brian the tool's arguments. I'm not saying St. Pierre didn't do well, he did very well actually, but just the way that they were trying to show that most people are for or against it was sort of disappointing. I mean it was a serious debate and just seeing what tactics were used shows that it's not about what is right or true... it is about how many people you can recruit to your side.

    People are weak. Everyone seeks comfort in numbers and that's what each side of the debate was trying to play. It is sad that people don't have the integrity to stand up and fight for what they believe in.
  5. So, is everyone in this thread just completely unaware of the fact that it used to grow wild everywhere in america and it also used to be cultivated?

    They got rid of the majority of it once, they'd do it again.
  6. Truly if I had it my way i would take every single mother fucker:metal: who had had anything to do with the delegalization of marijuana sit there ass down slap in the face a good 10000000 times for every soul that has went to jail and suffered pain for smoking marijuana then continue to show them every single pot documentary and information. But really I think the only true way right now would be trying to get every state to have medical marijuana then after california which hopefully legalizes it. it will cause a domino effect and we start seeing results but also its gonna take some hard work really i mean think back to when you thought pot was bad and people who told you it wasn't you just ignored them well the truth is people hate being wrong.
  7. I think the best way would be to get everyone stoned at least once, then they would all realize what the fuck they have been missing.
  8. your theory has the same principle as what Marc Emery tried to do. the Dea said he was responsible for like so many thousands of pounds of marijuana. He wasn't even close to his objective.

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