The true test: my first no-till.

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Nugz626, May 9, 2018.

  1. I decided to take advantage of the start of summer by jumping straight into no-till. I’ve done a lot of reading and researching recipes and I believe I have most of what is suggested with a little of my own twist. I have 5 20lb smart pots and 4 10lb. 10s are getting amended, and the 5 20s are getting a fresh batch of the new living soil.

    Soil recipe:
    3.5 cu. ft. Spag peat
    3 cu. ft. of composed cow manure
    .5 cu. ft. of compost I started last year.
    3.5 cu. ft. Of red lava rock

    Amendments: (4-5 cups of each)
    Malted barley

    Minerals: (4-6 cups of each)
    Rock dust
    Green sand

    Made some Biochar on the garden and activated it in some heave fungal worm castings and tossed that in too.

    Cooked soil for two weeks and filled the 20s today and planted alfalfa. Got about a week before I can use the 10s, the obis are almost done!

    I germinated 10 Strawberry coughs(SC) and 5 Super skunks(SS) 2 days ago and put them in straight peat in a mini greenhouse outside (upside down fish tank) Shitty thing is, they’re all reg seeds! I bought the wrong seeds! So my game plan it to keep it simple, keep the “winners,” sex them, collect from a stud male, and possibly use it for breeding down the road. We will see what happens. Hoping the male to female is at least 50/50, really want some SC grown organically.

    Since this is my first no-till, feel free to shout out some tips and pointers!
    Image1525833504.938673.jpg Image1525833534.153251.jpg

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  2. Looks neat..

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  3. From my umderstanding pollen dosnt keep long...atleast if never had luck with keeping pollen good luck though
  4. Sounds great! Should turn out nicely for you.
  5. What did you try, I was thinking about freezing it for a couple months then using??

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  6. Hope so!

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  7. Made some changes today.. Bought 5 clones, 5 strains. They are going in the 20gal pots with new soil, and the keepers from the seeds are gonna fit in where they can.

    Clones added:

    Cherrygasm #3 by Subcool
    Dark helmet by Oceangrown
    Shangri-La by Deep Roots Harvest
    Jack the Ripper #3 by Subcool
    Cheese #3 Uk breeder

    Privacy screen coming tomorrow, I have a couple more adjustments to the roof. Then it’s on!


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  8. I've stored pollen in a small plastic bag with a few grains of rice and kept it in a cool, dark, dry place. Use a paintbrush later. I've done this many times. Do not freeze it.
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  9. What's happening to your seeds?

    It might be due to the fact that you're planting them in "straight" peat...
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  10. Couple seeds were moldy, had a pest problem that took a bunch. Little flea looking bugs and slugs. The straight peat didn’t help either. Just a bunch of shit I wasn’t ready for. At least the clones look happy.

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  11. No lime? you could run into problems if you didnt add any.
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  12. I went back and forth on adding it. Read a lot about oyster shells, and other ingredients that impact the soils Ph. I thought that the crab meal assisted in buffering so I left it at that. Tested the ph before planting and it’s at 6.0. Also, I’m only using rain water through out.. correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the “living soil” buffer the ph with the use of certain teas, castings, and mulching? I always thought if your soil is thriving then the plant will too and all will be good..

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  13. its the plant that can influence the PH of the soil, to a degree. However, it wont be able to deal with extremes.
    The reason we add lime (weather its dolomite, oyster shell, Etc...) to our soil is because we use peat moss as our base and peat is very acidic and needs buffering.
    Crab shell CAN buffer as it it mostly calcium BUT this mainly is a function of particle size and time. most crab meals are fairly coarse and will act very poorly as a PH buffer, at least in the time frame that matters to us.
    Since you are still at seedling stage and havnt transplanted i would recommend you dump out all the soil in your big pots and mix in some lime, just for the peace of mind.
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  15. Well I transplanted the clones into the soil 3 days ago... so, is it possible to top dress with lime or oyster to help with buffering?

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  16. If you didn’t add any in the soil mix then yes, I would sprinkle oyster shell flour around them as this will dissolve faster than the lime.

    Freedom in Sustainable Gardening
    Freedom in Sustainable Gardening
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  17. Perfect, got some laying around for the chickens.

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  18. Uhhh, the stuff for chickens simply won't work, the chunks are entirely too big. It's refered to as mesh size and should be about the consistancy of all purpose flour.

    I would really suggest dolomite lime for the first application. It's cheap, ~$4.50/40lb bag at Lowes or HD, but the main reason is you won't be having Mg deficiencys throughout the grow and in the future.

    If you just xplanted 3 days ago could you carefully dig them up and get the lime thoroughly mixed throughout the mix and then replant? If not, the top dress will work, but globally mixed is much better. Lime needs to be in contact with, or, close proximity to what it's buffering.

    But, whatever works.

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