The Trifecta Medium Budget Soil Grow

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  1. It all began with a crop of 11 seeds. 4 sprouted. 1 died (Royal Empress)

    What remains is:

    Fire OG Kush (green pot),
    Calyxxx (white pot),
    Bubblegum (purple pot)

    I would have Royal Empress in here as well, except it died when I squirted it directly with Fungal Knat killer (when it was a seedling 24 hours after transplanting).

    The Setup: (Total Cost: ~$1100)
    - 1 150 watt ~15000 lumen CFL (emulating MH light spectrum)
    - 1 150 watt ~18000 lumen HPS
    - 2 full spectrum ~8000 lumen CFLs (one is not installed yet)
    - 4 Inch Vortex Inline Fan
    - Climate Control Unit (Temperature Only)
    - Ultra sonic humidifier (With humidity control unit integrated)
    - Secret Jardin DR3

    The Agenda:

    As you can see the girls have sprouted and are about 3 weeks into veg. From this point:
    - Sexing (I have to sex each of my plants within the next few weeks)
    - Cloning
    - SoG setup / upkeep / harvest

    The Method:

    My plan is to reveal at least one female in my crop. Once I have done so I will use her for mass cloning into SoG grow operation.


    This is my first grow. I have made many mistakes and learned many things (details to come in later entries). My plan was always to have at least 1 female so I could mass clone and keep SoG going for a season. I started from germination of 11 seeds knowing that I would brutally fail and be left with very few survivors. Everything has gone according to plan. And I have 3 survivors out of 11. Fingers crossed that at least one will turn out to be a female.

    Speculating, it looks like Bubblegum and Calyxxx are female, but Fire OG Kush is a male.

    Well, I'm new here, but thanks for having me and I hope that you guys enjoy my journal.

    Questions I have...

    1. Can I make a clone of each of my plants yet? My plants still seem pretty small and I don't want to stress them too much. I was planning to clone each of them once to sex them (I'll stick the clone in 12/12 to see if it makes buds or balls)

    2. Do my plants seem absurdly small for over 3 weeks old? (They are 3 weeks 2 days old)

    3. Are my plants supposed to smell like weed pretty strong already? Cause they certainly do... and I am going to have to install my carbon filter soon before it gets any worse... (I thought they don't stink until flowering)


    if anyone can diagnose the cause of the leaf burn illustrated by this close up picture of Fire OG, there'll be + rep in it for you. Thanks.


    Thanks again!

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  2. Today things are not looking so good. 2 of the plants have twisted leaves and are turning brownish in color near the tops mainly.

    I'm using Sensi Grow PH-Perfect (Part A and B) and looking at the labels it appears to not have any magnesium or iron in it. I also noticed that the PH when added to the recommended amount of water drops to 6.1-6.3 which would be okay for hydro grow, but in soil I think it is too much.

    Anyone know if this Sensi-Grow advanced nutrient stuff is a complete feed? Or do I need to be adding any micro nutrients?

    Thanks in advance.

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